For my 23rd birthday this year, I explored the beautiful and historic city of York, everyone told me how beautiful York is and they weren’t wrong, I was genuinely overwhelmed by the beauty and kindness by everyone, it was a refreshing and much needed trip.

I originally booked York a few months back now, but I sadly I had to cancel the Air BnB last minute and was just going to forget my birthday this year, so when I ended up in York I was quite overwhelmed and it made it even more special for me.

So on the morning of my birthday, Sam picked me up with a yummy McDonald’s  breakfast waiting, and said we were going to Preston (would have made more sense if he said Scarborough hehe) so naturally I thought he was taking me to a Antique Emporium for a day of finding vintage treasures, but oh no instead of taking to road to Scarborough, he took the turning for York instead, my mind was like ‘oh my god, are we? really? going to York?’  and yes indeed we were.

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York is a nightmare for parking prices which is too be expected really when it’s a Tourist attraction area,  we couldn’t just park in a side street because it was raining and we’ve never been before. After about an hour of Sam faffing about with google maps, we ended up at Tanner Row Car Park, which was £11 for 2 – 3 hours, you spend half of your spending money on parking, but we had shelter from the rain and it was pretty much in the town centre.

Like I said it was raining so it was quite difficult holding an umbrella, walking in heels (I know I’m a muppet, my feet paid for it the next day) taking photos and walking amongst loads of other tourists doing exactly what we were trying to do, the weather was the only fault of the trip really.

After being a tourist and walking around, I needed to sit down to give my feet a rest, and I’ve always wanted to drink a hot chocolate in a cute cafe in a English town and that’s not difficult to do when you’re in picturesque  York aha, so we stopped by Mad Hatters tea room which is located in the floor above a shop full of teddy bears, it was lovely to watch York from the window and the drinks were delicious which made it even better.



After a little sit down, we walked around the Shambles once more and then headed to the car for home, that’s what I thought anyway.. as we were driving out of York Sam pulled into what looked like a Manor House which turned out to be The Churchhill Hotel, he had booked a room for the night for us, I was really overwhelmed at this point, the hotel was beautiful and the staff were welcoming and helpful, if you ever stay in York then I recommend The Churchhill Hotel.



After settling in the hotel and resting, I got ready for night time, we were planning on going to a pub, to eat and listen to live music but each pub was packed and we were both really hungry so we went to this ‘restaurant’ called The York Roast and ordered a Sunday lunch, and Sunday roasts are our thing so I thought it would be nice to sit down and have it brought out on a plate with a nice drink, but sadly it came in a takeaway box and we sat upstairs in a small room with no view, not the best experience but like I said everywhere else was pretty busy and a Sunday Roast really fills me up, following on from what I’ve just said I think there is two York Roasts in York and one is more of a takeaway place and the other a restaurant, we weren’t to know because we’ve never been before.

The rest of the night was lovely, we just walked around York and it’s just as pretty at night as it is during the day. We both said how safe you felt, it was lovely seeing people walking dogs, the homeless people just kept to themselves, even the older generation were walking alone, like I said it was a refreshing trip.


Second day in York

We started the day off with a lovely full English breakfast at the Old White Swan pub and some fresh Orange juice to keep us going for the day, we were worried that it was going to rain and it did but luckily it calmed down after we went to the York Castle Museum.

York Castle Museum 

I love history and Museums so I jumped to the chance when Sam asked if I wanted to go there.

The Museum was really interesting, they’ve put a lot of work into it, you learn about the history of York, step back into time to the Victorian era, you even get to walk through Victorian streets I was completely in my element, it reminded me of the Black Country Museum, amazing how they’ve done it all, and they even had actors walking around in period costumes.

You also learn about the World War and walk through the trenches, you can also walk through the prison cells of inmates dating back to the 1700’s and in each cell tells the story of the inmate, the prisons nowadays seem like luxury compared to back then.

Then you go more into the modern world but still stepping back in time to the Swinging Sixties, my Grandparents would love to walk through it! there’s even a part where you go through fashion in the different eras, that was right down my alley because I love vintage fashion and I got to see things from the 20’s onwards, it was really nice and interesting to see what was the norm back in the day.

And that was it for the Museum, I will go back in the future because I really enjoyed myself and was sad when it was over.

The Shambles & Vintage shops

After the Museum, the rain had thankfully died down which meant we were able to go back to The Shambles and take proper photos and really take it all in.

Whilst walking through the Shambles I stumbled across The Flax & Twine and oh my I fell in love, it has been sent from Heaven I’m sure, I could have easily spent hours in there, taking photos and just looking at everything, I wanted to buy so much but I don’t have that kind of money or space at the moment.

I do want to go back to York at some point this year, and I will defiantly be going back into that shop and buying some vintage treasures because it made me sad walking away empty handed but I did take a few pretty pictures.

I think Flax & Twine fitted in really well with The Shambles because even though it’s known as Diagon Alley street, Harry Potter is old school really and all about Vintage they don’t live in a ‘Modern World’ and I thought it was special that the shops in the Shambles were old fashioned, it has such a special touch to it and I can now see why people say it’s a wonderful place to go.

York Museum Gardens 

As our time was coming to an end in York and we were both getting tired from all the walking we decided to visit one last place in York, the Museum Gardens and thank god Sam pushed me there.

The Gardens are a cherry on top of the cake for York, it’s well kept with a historic touch it would be lovely to have a picnic in the Summer with the squirrels and flowers around you.

As we entered, we saw a Bird of Prey show, sadly I didn’t see Hedwig there but I did have the chance to hold a beautiful Barn Owl, I’ve always thought Owls are beautiful, they way their wings spread out and their different shades and patterns so too hold one for my Birthday getaway just completed York for me.

And that’s it for today’s blog post, I am so glad I can finally say I’ve been and explored York and walked through the Shambles and I hope to go back again sometime in the future.

Belanova x



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