Woore & Bearstone Fruit Farms

Summer is here and bloody hell has it brought a proper heatwave, I’m melting and my little Garden is drying out!

At the start of this month Sam and I went to Woore & Bearstone Fruit Farms which are 5 – 10 minutes from each other in Market Drayton way, we went to pick some fruit which was exciting because I haven’t done it since I was a kid, I’m growing fruit at home which is actually one of the reasons I wanted to go because I wanted to see in person what my carrots, peas etc will look like when they are ready, it’s a really fun and healthy day out when you go to pick fruit and surprisingly cheap, each farm cost around £3-£4 for a tub of fruit so you really can’t grumble at that.

Woore Fruit Farm  

fruit farm, summer, fruit

Firstly we went to Woore Fruit Farm  here we picked Strawberries and Raspberries, now their facebook says there is peas, carrots etc but we didn’t see them and it was wayyy too hot to go looking for them but they do sell fresh eggs, home made apple juice etc in the farm shop, hopefully next time I go I’ll manage to pick up some eggs before they run out, Woore was really lovely farm there is a large pond that you can fish by and a mini caravan site which is perfect if you want a few days away.

By the fruit farm is some benches in the shade which we used because the weather has been so hot recently, you can also enjoy a Snugbury’s ice cream from the Farm shop which cools you down in the warm weather.

Overall I really enjoyed Woore Fruit Farms I just wish they had more variety of fruit to pick from because it’s such a lovely little place with a lot of potential.



Bearstone Fruit Farm

fruit farm, summer, fruit

The next place we went to was Bearstone Fruit Farm  now Bearstone is a big farm and the car park can get quite busy so try and get there earlier, I preferred Bearstone because there was a lot more to pick from but there was no shade and it was very busy which isn’t a bad thing but I just get grouchy in the heat.

As I said there was more to pick from and they were growing lettuce and cabbags, but it wasn’t ready yet and I don’t know weather it was for the public or personal use.

I mainly picked up peas as I had plenty of yummy strawberries from Woore, and the peas were delicious! tastes fresher and more fluffy than your freezer peas. They grow normal little peas and larger Broad beans I got a bit of both.

Like Woore they had a little tuck shop for ice cream and refreshments and a little stand for carrots, potatoes onion etc, I picked up a bunch of carrots for 30p! It’s got me excited for when my carrots in my Garden are ready.

After the Fruit Farms we raced to Bridge mere Garden Centre to have a nosey and we decided to stop by the Butcher’s for some meat for our Sunday lunch, we thought it was only right to get the Butcher’s meat when we’ve spent all day picking out fresh fruit and veg.

We decided on the Chicken Parcel which was this mouthwatering chicken wrapped in delicious Bacon sprinkled in Seasoning and if you know me well you know how much I love Chicken and Bacon so to have them together with a delicious fresh Sunday lunch was just heavenly! like Sam said it’s all about the ingredients when it comes to cooking good food and I completely agree, I never used to be adventurous with food but I’m slowly beginning to love good healthy food since being Sam because we try new things.


And that’s it for today’s post, I hope you enjoyed reading I’m sorry I’ve been quiet over the past few weeks but if you remember on my last post at the end I said I have some very exciting news coming soon and I still do believe me, I so badly want to spill the beans and I will very soon.


Sarah Belanova x

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