Vintage and Charity Shop Haul

Over the past few months I have been buying little bits and pieces from charity shops, I used to do monthly favourites but because I am a girl on a budget I have had to stretch my spending out so I’ll be doing collective hauls instead. And now that I work in a charity shop and get a discount I am buying even more hehe, but it’s not all bad because it’s dirt cheap so I don’t feel as guilty.

Anyway, I thought I would share with you what I have been splashing my pennies on, one item is from a Vintage fair so I thought I would include it as I got it for a really good price, it’s in working condition and it just felt like I found gold to be honest aha.

I am a buggar for misplacing  the labels so I can’t remember the prices of all the items but most are from the charity shops so it’s up to £4.

Anyway let’s crack on…

First items are from Cancer Research which is where I volunteer at, I got these first items in January

Urmoda clothing A gorgeous floral playsuit

Multi coloured satchel

I got both for around £8


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I got the next 2 items the other week and it included a staff discount

Brown Vintage Satchel bag £2.99

Graceland – Barely Worn Shoes £3.99


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The next 3 items, I got from different charity shops except the black chiffron top

New Look – Black Chiffon Top  – Sale £5

Skirt G21 – Age UK – £3.99

Homesense – 3 Chandeliers – Cancer Research – £1

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The next 2 items are from Barnados’s the overall price was £8 due to one item not having a label on so they just said £8 for both, winner winner chicken dinner.

Marks and Spencer – Camel Coat

New Look – Velvet Blazer Jacket

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Now I have saved the best till last, In January I went to Lulu’s Vintage Fair which I’m a regular at and Sam found a stall full of old camera’s and my eyes fell on this beauty, it work’s and it was only £15!  I’ve just got to get a film and then I am going to start taking some Black and White photos.

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And that is it for today’s blog post I think I’ve picked up some good pieces, see you soon in the Summer for another collective haul

Belanova x

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