Turning 23

Next month I’ll be turning 23 which I am actually quite excited for, there’s a few things that I want to achieve in the year I am 23 so I thought I would share them with you ..


Making clothes

I want to be confident in working on my sewing machine, if I manage to make a few pretty vintage style dresses and skirts then I’ll be over the moon, I’ve got to self teach myself as I have no time to go to classes and they too far so it’ll be good ol’ youtube teaching me.

Jewelry Making

To start making and wearing my own jewelry, need to crack the sewing machine first but I would like to dabble in jewelry making, it would be amazing if I made something really nice and someone says to me ‘ooo where did you get that?’ and I could say I’ve made it myself  (same with the clothes aswell) yeah that’s the goal, it will take awhile though aha.

Vintage / Retro Hairstyles

Vintage hairstyle and general up dos, the most I can do with my half is a half up half down up do, but I love love vintage / retro hairstyles and want to be confident enough to do them on myself. I know I am a trained hairdresser but I am technically a colourist so I stay away from up dos.


Sarah Belanova started off with hauls, and birchbox / glossy box reviews, but I’m growing into more d.i.y and lifestyle, so that’s where I want to go with my little blog, I guess your tastes change as you grow up more. I also really need to upload more, it’s just difficult with working full time and turning our house into a home, there aren’t enough days and hours in the week.


By May next year I would like to go to either Disneyland Paris or Italy, I think it’ll be well deserved for the both of us and by then we will need a proper getaway and either stuff our faces with pizza and pasta or be in the world of Disney and happiness, I don’t care which one as long as we are on a plane aha.


And that’s it for what I want to do in the year I am 23, I have enjoyed being 22 though time really does fly and that is a little scary but I am ready for 23 and what the year will bring, more memories, more planning and looking forward to the future.


Sarah Belanova x


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