Tips & Tricks on how to book your first holiday

Roughly 4 months ago I booked a surprise trip to Amsterdam for Sam and I, for our 1 year anniversary on April 15th and I surprised him with the trip on Christmas day.

It can be quite confusing and frustrating if you’re booking your first holiday because there’s a lot to look into and consider, so I’m here today to explain how I booked our upcoming trip to Amsterdam and give you some tips and tricks along the way.

expedia, holiday, city break, amsterdam

I booked with Expedia, because it was one of the first travel websites I came across and the easiest for me to understand and navigate, there are plenty of other sites to choose from though so you’re not restricted.

I have taken screenshots of the steps that I took because it’s easy and I’ll be typing away forever explaining if I don’t do it this way, so let’s get started.

expedia, holiday, city break, amsterdam


As you can see this is what the homepage looks like on Expedia, you have different options but I chose the Flight + Hotel + Car to get the most important things out of the way, then you chose where you want to go and how long for.

expedia, holiday, city break, amsterdam


Next you choose which hotel you like from the different options, I went with price as I was booking not just for myself but for Sam as well so I was price conscious because you’ve got to take spending money and book days out, there’s a lot to consider when booking a holiday aha.

After you’ve done that you’ve just got to sort out the travel – pay – then you’re all set to go.

Top tips:

Clear your history + cookies, because every time you go back onto the page the prices will sneak up if you don’t.

Look into the hotel’s before booking, make sure you research about where the hotel is what it has to offer and how far you are from the day’s out that you have booked so you can organize public transport.

Names & Information, please trust me on this, cross check everything and ask for advice off people if you’re not sure because it’s bloody big pain in the arse if you get a name wrong and can’t get changed in time, I did do just this on Sam’s behalf in my defense he was talking about changing his name soon and I thought SHIT if he changes it before Amsterdam then I am screwed but he didn’t and then he had to for the holiday but luckily it’s all worked out otherwise this post wouldn’t be going up, there’s still a ditzy blonde under these red locks haha.

Be wary about the time of the year that you’re going, when the kids are out of school the prices will creep up.

Booking your day trips & Apps

So the next part of booking your holiday is the trips, the trips can be expensive because they are aimed at tourists so ask around, people who have been on holiday can tell you where to get good deals from because we all want to keep the cost down unless you’re loaded and want to show off.

Trips can add up, now Amsterdam does a City Card which gives you …

.. Free entry to Amsterdam’s museums and attractions | Free Canal Cruise a lovely way to view Amsterdam | Free, unlimited use of the GVB public transport in Amsterdam (bus, tram and metro) | Great discounts and special offers throughout Amsterdam and it’s surrounding area | Free detailed city map | Free giveaways & discounts on concerts, theater, rentals, restaurants and more …

And you can choose either

24hr City Card € 59 | 48hr City Card €74 | 72hr City Card €87 | 96hr City Card €98

When you read about what is included in the city card, it is well worth it, Sam and I probably will use it and if we do I will be doing blog post all about it.

Apps ( and they are free!)

Expedia – It’s much easier getting all your info from this app than spending 10 mins finding on your laptop.

Lonely Planet – Brilliant app for planning your day trips / where you want to eat etc, I will defiantly be using it when I am there.

expedia, amsterdam, city break, app

expedia, holiday, city break, amsterdam, lonely planet

expedia, holiday, city break, amsterdam, lonely planet

expedia, holiday, city break, amsterdam, lonely planet


And that’s it for today’s post, I know it’s a long one but when I was booking Amsterdam I needed a post like this, because everyone can give you advice but for me personally I need things written down because I have the worst memory ever.

I really hope you’ve enjoyed this post it’s been a long time coming, I’ve been so excited to write it and I have another on the way so keep an eye out.

Sarah Belanova x 


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