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Cool way to start off your New Years Day

As most people were starting their New Year off  curing a hangover, Sam and I decided to pack up our bags and take the train to Birmingham to be history nerds at the Thinktank Museum, and what an awesome way to start it off.


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This is a really great place and in the perfect location, it’s within walking distance from train station and the Bull Ring so once you’re finished at the museum which roughly takes around 3 hours if you’re there early like we were, then in the afternoon you can go to the Bull Ring and grab a bite, you can get a lot done in one day plus we picked the perfect day as it was like a ghost town which I prefer because you can actually take everything in.

When you walk towards the Thinktank museum you first go past the garden and it’s like a steampunk wonderland, I didn’t manage to get photos as it was raining and there were children running around everywhere but google it, it was so quirky and different.

Entering the building  you first go past the Metropolitan University for fashion and that was pretty cool as did art and textiles in High School so it was cool seeing what the students had made and presented.

Once you reach the entrance they give you a map of the museum and once you pay you get a wrist band which was wayyy to big to fit my wrist aha so I just kept it in Sam’s backpack, the staff were really bubbly and welcoming it was nice.

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There are 4 floors in total The Past | The Factory | The Present & The future there is so much to go through and learn so make sure you charge up your camera and take note of what you’re learning, it’s great for family’s as it’s an interactive day out they don’t make it ‘boring’ there is a big play area for the little one’s which I wanted to go in and have a look because it looked awesome!

Floor 0 | The Past

This floor was about the Industrial Revolution which was one of my favourite floors, so you learn about machines that helped shape the world today, from steam trains, spitfire, lighthouse and a lot more.

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Floor 1 | The Factory

This was a cool floor, you learnt how Mini Coopers are made what the parts are made from and what many other things are made from, but one of the cool things were was seeing our temperature turn blue it was awesome.

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Floor 2 | The Present

The first section is packed with roaring dinosaurs and fossils from million’s of years ago and stuffed animals.

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Floor 3 | The Future

This floor was another of my favourites, it was all about space and the future and an amazing talking robot! A much as I love the past, I really like anything futuristic and what technology can do to help people, astrology, space so yeah this was right down my alley.

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Gift Shop

And finally the gift shop, I always like to buy a couple of bits and bobs from gift shops when I visit new places and I brought a Dinosaur magnet, and a few things War related, a lot of things were quite expensive I went for the cheaper things but they are still really nice.

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I hope you enjoyed today’s blog post, comment down below is you have ever been to the Thinktank Museum, I will leave a link just below so you can visit the website to get info on opening times and prices.

Birmingham Thinktank Museum

Belanova x

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