Things I’ve learned from my Grandparents

Following on from my blog post about my Great Nans handbag from back in the day, I thought I would talk to about what I’ve learned from them both over the time I’ve spent with them.

My Grandparents are opposite people actually, but they have enough in common to work, my Nans more ‘modern’ than my Grandad, she likes change he doesn’t, she’s more stylish and doesn’t dress like your average ‘Granny’ but bloody hell, she has a sharp tongue which I’ve learned to brush it off over the years but she is funny.

My Grandad is stuck in the 1930s and you ain’t getting him out of it, they are both very antique people (I can’t say anything really) He’s hilarious really, he’s a proper Grandad about things, doesn’t like the modern world, he calls himself the Analog man in a digital world, and that’s my Grandad in a nutshell.

Things I’ve learned from them 

  • Respect, I thought I was a respectful person but whenever I’m around them, I learn more about respect.
  • Reuse – Recycle. Whatever is broke, can be fixed and they hate waste even though their house of full of crap they don’t need but that’s how they were brought up.
  • Rome wasn’t build in a day, whenever I need some inspiration my Grandad always reminds me that he started off poor like really poor, it takes hard work but you can get to where you want to be.
  • Busy doing nothing, they say they are always busy and each time I’m thinking busy doing what?
  • I’m more of an old person than they are, you would think in their retirement that they would enjoy Gardening, Baking etc, but nope because it requires maintenance they’ve let it be which I’ve told them off for, like I said busy doing nothing.
  • Modern World, They don’t live in it and to be honest it’s quite special, there’s no internet, not much signal but they are happy in their little bubble and it’s quite sweet.
  • Family, Ask questions, spend time with them because it sounds cheesy but you only get one chance.
  • D.I.Y, I’m already very much a D.I.Y person but if I say something needs fixing and I need to get someone out, Grandad will stop me because he’s done his house top to bottom, and would rather do something his self first before getting anyone out.

If you’re like me and still lucky enough to have your Grandparents then appreciate it, because when they pass on I won’t feel any regret that I didn’t spend and time with them or get to know them, your Grandparents can live in a different world but you can also learn a lot from them.

And that’s it for today’s post, I’ve  broken up my schedule of posts recently aha, but at least I’m uploading more.



Sarah Belanova x

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