The Legacies

I was shocked when I read that they were making The Legacies, which is The Vampire Diaries / Originals spin off. I thought they would stop at The Orginials which I just managed to catch up on before they aired The Legacies. The last few seasons off TVD were naff which does happen to tv series when they’ve gone on for too long, but they did alright with The Orginials ending even though I have questions which I hope will be answered in The Legacies. So overall I was ready to give The Legacies a try, I really haven’t grown out of these shows at all.

When I was in High School The Vampire Diaries was my life, whilst everyone was obsessed with Twilight (as Damon would say Vampires don’t sparkle in the sun) I was obsessing over the Salvatore brothers (mainly Damon) from Mystic Falls and Mystic Falls in general, so when I heard about The Legacies I felt like I was about to relive my teen years again, but I did think to myself how can they carry on the story without going off the rails once again so…

The Legacies so far…

It’s alright, I am on the fence though, I don’t watch it religiously like I did with The Vampire Diaries which is one of the reasons it’s taken me awhile to get this post written up.  I love the structure with the Salvatore Boarding house being turned into a school for the Supernatural, it’s a brilliant idea, and I like the cast they don’t look too old for their roles, so far so good.

Hope is one of the reasons I wanted to watch the show, I really like her character and want to learn more about her, she’s different to her Dad, Klaus, she has Hayleys softer side. Plus she is at the Salvatore school and The Originals never had that guidance, the only Supernatural I can think of who had guidance was Stefan, he had Lexi and Stefan has guided people himself, but the new generation of the Supernatural have a place of belonging. It’ll be interesting to see where it goes in the future and if they show any other schools like it, my god we are going the Harry Potter route haha just with  vampires instead.

Now the one thing I really don’t like about the show because I just feel like it’s pointless, the story behind the knife and the monsters. They made a few epic seasons of The Vampire Diaries, smashed The Originals so why couldn’t they of come up with a better story line for The Legacies? The monsters are laughable, defiantly doesn’t give you the same feeling when Klaus made his first appearance, then to top it off The Necromancer and I was sitting there thinking what is this? I guess it’ll all make sense the more I watch it but half the time I sit there having a giggle over the silly monsters and the costumes.

Besides the monsters and all that I’m loving the characters and their storylines, they all fit in really well with the show. I love that Jeremy made an appearance, it most likely was to bump up the views but it was great, he’s all grown up now. I read that Paul Wesley directed one of the episodes which is so cool and he can give the younger one tips, it would be amazing if they could bring on more of the original cast that’s just wishful thinking and I’m pretty happy so far.

I really don’t know where I was going with this blog post, I just knew I wanted to write about The Legacies and this post has been drafted and added too since beginning of January so it was finally time to upload so I can get on with future posts.

See you in the next blog post where I talk all about our house and where we are up to. 

Belanova x

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