Smoke & Rye Stone American Restaurant Review


If you like the American vibe from the food to the cocktails and some good classic American hits then Smoke and Rye in Stone is for you.


This is where Sam took me for my 22nd Birthday last Wednesday, and he did bloody brilliant picking this place out.

I must walk around with my eyes closed because Smoke and Rye is right next to Oatcakes and Milkshakes and I’ve been there a few times. For me Smoke and Rye is literally a hidden away treasure which it makes it even better, you go up some stairs and you are there, it’s a post modern diner and the decor is on point.

Smoke and Rye Stone Staffordshire America
Smoke and Rye Stone Staffordshire America
I really liked where they sat us because we were in the quieter area, which I personally prefer as I think you get a whole different experience and it allowed me to take photos without being rude and disturbing other people.

One thing Sam and I both really liked about Smoke and Rye were the little touches, you received a complimentary glass of water in a quirky bottle which is what we use where I work aha.

And a pack of I’m presuming they are wipes I haven’t opened them yet, I’m weird and like to take something away with me from different places that give me the WOW factor and keep it in my memory, sad I know.


We were then given the menu and it took me so long to decide what I wanted haha, everything just sounded delicious!

After I took half the night deciding what I wanted to eat and drink, I decided on the Berry Pop which was so refreshing and nice, and Sam got a beer but that was in deal with his food.

Next we ordered the starter, we decided to share one and I’m glad we did because the food was so filling, we had the Chicken & Waffle, which was a Belgian waffle with Canadian Maple syrup poured over the waffle ah-mazing! With Buttermilk fried chicken topped Chipotle Sour Cream & Scallions, damn it was so good! The plate that it was served in was quirky as well.

Smoke and Rye Stone Staffordshire America

And now onto the exciting part, the main…

I decided on the Classic American Burger topped with Smoked Streaky Bacon, Monterey Jack Cheese with a side of seasoned fries, pickles and salad. Man it was good, I was defeated.

Smoke and Rye Stone Staffordshire America

The staff will ask you if you would like some sauce, say YES, every sauce was seasoned to perfection they were so good and look what they come in! Like I said it’s the little touches.

Smoke and Rye Stone Staffordshire America

After you’ve eaten that much that you feel like you need to be rolled out of there, we were given the bill and I was expecting the bill to be around £50. Now bear in mind the complimentary water and wipes, the bill was £41 which included an option to give £0.99p to Carbon Free Dining which we did.

And to top off everything, you receive a complimentary bowl of delicious popcorn from their awesome popcorn machine by the bar which I thought was for show haha.

Smoke and Rye Stone Staffordshire America

£41 for amazing food / drink, brilliant service, good music and overall a great American vibe, Smoke and Rye we will be back in the future.

Smoke and Rye

Belanova x




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