September Favourites 2017

Finally, Autumn is here! which means we are not far from Christmas and I can’t wait! it has been wonderful walking Bess with Sam and watching all the leaves turn different colours and being able to wear really nice Autumnly clothes and the shops are getting all spiced up with Halloween stuff, I am so excited! I am planning a couple of Halloweeny | Autumn and Winter blog posts too, so keep an eye out.

september favourites, autumn, beauty blogger september favourites, autumn, beauty blogger

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Hair, lips body and face..

Luxe Oil Shampoo – I made my money stretch this month to afford this shampoo again aha, it’s one of my favourite shampoo’s , leaves your hair soft and shiny.

Collection 2000 lipstick in Fig Delight – I have been LOVING this lipstick! I used to always wear MAC liptstick in diva but I always wearing that lipstick and wanted something more natural looking but still nice subtle colour and this lipstick does the job, I will be keeping my eye out for different shades though.

Imperial Leather Body Wash – Cherry Bakewell – I’ve grown to love the Imperial Leather range, it’s cheap and smells good. The Cherry Bakewell is by far my favourite, actually smells like a Cherry Bakewell.

Galderma Acnecide 5% benzoyl peroxide – Sam introduced me to this product and I am so thankful he has, it’s saved me a lot of money. And it came in handy last month, I was feeling down and little stressed over the usual adult stuff and when that happens I break out mainly along my jaw line it really gets me down. So I used this twice a week in the evening after I had washed my face and then went to sleep, in the morning you wake up to the spot either reduced in size or gone and calms the redness down, for how much this product cost I think it’s a little miracle worker.

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Clothes, clothes clothes!

Absolutely loved what I brought last month! I don’t buy clothes like I used to when I lived with my Mum but I actually prefer it because I’m not buying clothes I’ll never wear #growingup #adultlife

So the two pieces I bought was this lovely slightly oversized but snug velvet top that I got from this Cat charity shop in Stone it was around £4.99 I think. And I adore the pattern, I have never owned anything like it before and I think it’s so unique, definitely a lucky buy.

Lastly, I went to the Stoke Vintage Weigh and Pay at the Victoria Hall in Stoke and I only had £20 to spend and I came back with £5 winner winner! I knew I wasn’t really going to get any tops or anything but I wanted fur coat if I got anything else then it would have just been luck, and I swear this leopard fur coat was meant for me, it was at the end of the rail and it stood out from the rest I don’t know why nobody hadn’t picked it up before me.

september favourites, autumn, beauty blogger

So when I tried it on it fits perfectly! and I’ve never had a coat that fits just for me, the pockets are tore in but I don’t mind it can be fixed. It needs to go to the Dry Cleaners and once it is clean I know it won’t ever be off haha and the bonus was it was meant to be fixed price at £20 and I got it for £5!! Made me so happy haha.


That’s it for today’s blog post, I hope you all enjoyed reading it I will hopefully be planning some fun Autumn / Winter posts very soon!

Sarah x


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