Sam’s Graduation Staffordshire University 2017

Friday 14th July was my boyfriends time to shine, that was the day he graduated from Staffordshire University with a 2:1 in Web Development.

staffordshire, university, awards

Sam and I have only been together for 3 months but he is such a hard worker he would stay in the uni library overnight, he lost work but he overcame that, there was a lot of stress and tears but he did it, he didn’t give up, he’s now a graduate with a 2:1 and has already found a job in web design and not everyone can find a job that easy, I am so proud of him he really his going to go far.

So I decided to spoil Sam for his graduation, it’s a once in a lifetime thing unless you do your masters that is so I wanted to spoil him.

I love spoiling and surprising people … so I stayed up quite late and decorated the house in banners, balloons, and of course sprinkled graduation themed confetti from his bedroom to the living room (wear around socks around the house or else it get stuck between your feet haha)


staffordshire, university, awards

                 gifts, graduation, staffordshire gifts, graduation, staffordshire

Sam loved what I did and the gifts that I brought him, he had the biggest smile on his face and it made me so happy :3
I brought Sam a scroll that came with a stand and a mini graduation hat with an adorable glass bear in the hat.
Whilst we were at the Graduation I also brought Sam a cute teddy bear and rubber bath duck haha I’ll post pictures of them in another blog coming up!


So after he opened his presents, we got all dolled up and our next was Trentham Gardens where the Graduation was being held, perfect place! I love Trentham Gardens, it’s beautiful the gardens are lovely it was a really nice atmosphere.



So after the Graduation, Sam, his Mum and I went to the Harvester for a light lunch which was really nice and cheap as chips! I had a potatoe wedges which cheese and bacon and oh my gosh it was goood! Sam and Alison were healthy and had prawns, ew ew.

After lunch Alison went home so me and Sam had a lovely walk around the lakes and as usual I took loads of photos! I just wish I could of filmed the day to be honest, I would have done clips and made it into a youtube video but there was so many people and it takes time but either way I did get few pics!





A little tip, take spare shoes with you to the Graduation because I didn’t ( I don’t think ) I was in heels and walked around the lake in the heels, yes it was painful but thankfully I have no blisters haha!


After we took pretty pictures and we took a romantic ( slighty painful for me) scroll around the lake we set off to Stone for a fancy meal.



It was a lovely meal, our first proper date and it felt extra special for us as we celebrated 3 months together on Saturday hehe.
The staff were really nice, they were attentive and polite I’d definitely recommend Pasta Di Pizza.

And that’s it for today’s blog, I am currently working on a second blog on how to find the perfect gifts and my July Birchbox review is also coming up! So keep checking my blog.

Thanks for reading
Sarah x

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