Renting vs Buying

As most of you know, we brought our first home last year after renting for roughly a year or so, and I wanted to give you some advice weather you’re planning on renting or buying, we have only just got on the property ladder so we are not experienced in buying houses etc but if my little bit of advice can help you on your decision then at least I’ve been helpful.


How it started..

I moved in with Sam (my boyfriend) when I was 20 which is young, I know, but both of us as individuals had wanted to move out younger than majority of people due to personal reasons, everyone’s path in life is different.

Sam had already been renting for 2 years I think it was before I moved in with him, so he was very much used to juggling uni, running a house and tight budgeting. Then I came along, he showed me the ropes and we split the bills, honestly it was really hard for me at first, not the moving out part I’ve had pinterest boards since I was 17 of my future flat / house and how I wanted to decorate it aha,  but actually leaving my brother and sister behind because I adore them little buggars and I grew up in a big ish family so it was a bit of a shock just living with one other person, and Sam really wasn’t prepared for how much crap I collected back in the old house – whoops.

The good and the bad of renting


  • Problems – If anything goes wrong with the property that isn’t your fault , it’s up to your landlord to fix the problem , believe me though I’ve heard a few horror stories where people have had really shitty landlords and not the best of luck with their property, just bear that in mind.
  • Freedom – You’re not tied down, renting is perfect if you’re at uni, need temporary accommodation, testing the waters before you both buy etc.
  • Neighbours – If you get bad neighbours which we had at the old house both sides as well, after your contract is up then you have the freedom to move and some contracts are only for 6 months, where as if you have bad neighbours and a mortgage, it really isn’t that easy to get away from.


  • Money – It is going down the drain, realistically you are paying off someones else’s mortgage.
  • Landlords – I have heard so many horror stories of really shitty landlords and I think it’s luck of the draw, just be careful of the common issue with rented properties, damp.
  • Interior Design – majority of landlords will only you allow to paint basic magnolia walls and a lot of the time you have to ask to put picture frames up etc, so if you’re majorly into interior design like myself, you will be itching to buy a house just so you can do what you like to it.
  • Expensive – It costs more than a mortgage does, the price of renting is high because your landlord has to make a profit and costs have to be covered if things go wrong


Buying a Property

The house that we were renting was being put up for sale, that gave us the push to the next step of buying a property, we were thinking of buying the property we lived in even with the bad neighbours, because it did have potential in the future to be sold on at a higher price but I think we both needed a fresh start really. So then number 201 popped up on rightmove, it was tad overpriced but the perfect starter home and before you know it, the stress, house searches and important documents were being signed and we are the young new owners of number 201. We’ve had a bumpy start with the house but I’m in love with it.


  • Financially  – You are better off in the long run, it really does work out cheaper than renting.
  • Yours – You can now decorate your own property how you like, and it’s a wonderful feeling.
  • Security – You don’t have to worry about your contract coming to an end and moving again.
  • Future options – In the future you can either rent the property out, it’s yours to do whatever you like within reason, you will be making money from your property because your value goes up to more you look after it.


  • Upkeep – It’s ridiculous how much property costs, especially the continuous upkeep, it’s not easy to save for a house, it’s just bricks and mortar really but you’ve just cost to think of the financial gain.
  • Problems – Big or small, it’s up to you to fix them unless it’s a fire and you’re insured. And bear in mind, things can be covered up in house viewings.
  • Renovating – This can go in both good and bad really because it depends on how you look at it, if you want a ready made home, buy a brand new house, if you’re like me interior design then go for an older property where you have to make the place your own.


And that’s if for today’s blog post, like I said we haven’t got loads of experience but if my little bit of advice can help, then I’m happy.

I would personally advice buying a house if you can afford it, I know it’s expensive, if you have family that can help you then be very appreciative of that, we look after ourselves and always will everyone’s situation is different.

Belanova x

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