Peak Wildlife Park

A couple of weeks ago we went to Peak Wildlife Park that is tucked away in the countryside near to Leek in Staffordshire where I am from.

The Park is like a mini Zoo, with a variety of different animals, now what makes this different to an actual Zoo is that you can pet some of the animals and get up close.

The coolest thing is that you can have an Animal Experience day, which is freakin’ amazing really and I saw a child having the experience day, they were feeding the Meerkats I was a little jealous aha.



Meerkats & The Turtle

Firstly we went to see the Meerkats and The Turtle, we just got to the park in time to watch the Meerkat show, I never really liked Meerkats to be honest but I’ve warmed up to them a little after the little show.

The Turtle did what they do, just crawled around and around then munch on some food.



Now for one of my favourites the Penguins, penguins do what penguins do best and just waddle and swim around, they stink but are cute. We went to the Penguin show as well which was cool, we watched them be fed and they told us some Penguin facts.

Nature Walk & African Walk

You can walk with and stroke the animals in this section which was so cool, from Lemurs and Pygmy Goat to Zebra’s there’s a range of animals. The Lemurs were my favourites, they are cute.

Also if you have any questions about the animals, just ask the staff they are friendly.


Down the Rabbit Hole & Jungle Bounce

If you’ve got children with you then I think this part is a good end to the day, you can see a rather fluffy sheep and stroke a large but very cute rabbit.

After seeing the animals, the children can let of some energy on an awesome bouncy castle whilst parents can eat some lunch on the benches.


Gift Shop

Every trip out isn’t complete without a trip to the gift shop and I love them, I got a cute turtle key chain which all my keys will go on.

I hope you enjoyed today’s blog post, I will go to Peak Wildlife Park again in the future with my Brother and Sister, I think it’s a great and affordable day out for couples and families.

I’ll see you next time for a blog post that is all about my exciting news.

Sarah Belanova x

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