Part 2 Aliens and the Mysteries of Life

To follow on with the mini Halloween series that I am doing, today is Part 2 and it is about Aliens / UFO’s and the Mysteries of Life, I do truly believe there is more than just use Human’s and there are many unanswered questions about life that we may never answer but it’s fun to let your mind ponder and try to figure it out.

Whilst I am writing this blog I am watching the film Alien which I have never watched before but my blog post won’t be as jumpy and scary as the film aha.

halloween, unexplained mysteries, aliens, new blogger

Unexplained Mysteries

Unexplained Mysteries were one of the first channels I started watching when I looked for videos about aliens, there aren’t 100’s of videos on this topic so the channels that I watch have a lot of unexplained videos about life etc but I like that it’s interesting.



halloween, strange mysteries, aliens, new blogger

Strange Mysteries

This is a pretty cool channel, probably the channel that I’ve watched the most. There is such a different range of videos that really get you thinking. They’ve recently done a video Xenobiology, how we are creating aliens, it’s cool check it out.


I hope you enjoyed the second part of my mini Halloween series, stay tuned for Part 3, it’s going to be good.

Sarah x

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