Part 1 – Murder Mysteries

Part 1 | Murder Mysteries

With Halloween coming up I thought I would spook you guys out and do a 3 part  mini series about youtube channels that I watch that do videos on the ‘spookier’ side of life … ghosts, aliens, strange things going on etc.

So today is Part 1 and I am going to be talking about Murder / Unsolved Mysteries …. yes not everyone’s cuppa tea, a bit weird I know, but I am fascinated by Murder Mysteries, I get really interested in this topic and before I have spend hours researching cases and coming up with my own theory’s. And that’s why I enjoy watching youtube videos on it, I like learning about new cases and reading everyone’s comments, I think it’s cool that people engage in it and talk about cases that are from 20 years ago because they can still be solved it just takes the right person to watch one of the videos, you never know.

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Bella Fiori youtube link

Australian youtuber Bella Fiori is the first person I started watching, she studied Criminology and Psychology in Uni, she wanted to become a Homicide detective or an abnormal psychologist so she knows her stuff, her mystery videos are known as ‘Mystery Mondays’ so keep an eye out, though she has taken a mini break as she felt pressured, her channel is a Beauty channel and the mystery videos are just for fun. She will be back, and I can’t wait.

I don’t find myself falling asleep when watching her videos aha, I love her accent and she’s funny. She breaks things down really well and gives her opinion.



part 1 murder mysteries, kendall rae, youtube

Kendall Rae youtube link

Kendall Rae is the second youtuber I started watching, she’s become my main girl now but that’s just because she does a wide range of videos about everything that I’m into so her channel is perfect for me.

Kendall does a ‘Where is’ series on her channel about unsolved murder / mysteries but not only that she raises money for Thorn – Digital Defenders Of Children which fights against child sex trafficking, you can buy specially designed (by the viewers) Merchandise for a limited time from Kendall and 100% of the profit goes to Thorn and I think it’s amazing that she’s getting their name out there and hopefully we can help prevent sex trafficking.


Danelle Hallan, Part 1 Murder Mysteries

Danelle Hallan youtube link

Danelle Hallan is a brilliant new underrated youtuber, she’s only been uploading videos for the past 6 months so if you’re sad like me and spend 70% of your time watching Murder / Unsolved Mysteries on youtube then you can easily watch her videos in a couple of days haha.

I recommend you go watch her videos, you’ll be hooked.



And that’s my 3 favourite Murder / Unsolved Mystery youtubers, please leave a comment telling me your favourite people to watch.

Sarah x


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