Our Day At Chester Zoo

27th August 2017 | Chester Zoo

Yesterday Sam and I with a Subway, water and snacks packed up in our bags (I looked like Dora The Explorer) went for an adventure to Chester Zoo for his Birthday which was on the 24th August, we picked the perfect day to go, lately the weather have been pretty crappy and dull typical British weather *rolls eyes* but yesterday we had clear skies and warm weather great for taking photos of pretty animals and having an overly awesome day!

We both hadn’t been to Chester Zoo in years so we’d forgotten most of the zoo, they have recently added a new expedition through six South East Asia islands which were Panay, Papua, Bali, Sumatra, Monsoon Forest and Sumba which had unique and endangered animals included beautiful exotic birds, tigers, water pigs.

The Islands also included a Lazy River Boat Trip with 14 boats themed around a different South East Asian island. The boat trip lasts roughly 15 minutes and holds 12 people perfect for a family to enjoy the islands while the explorers rest their legs.

What me and Sam loved the most about the Islands is how authentic it felt, using thousands of artifacts,boats,shop fronts and over 52,000 plants sourced by the Chester Zoo team. Using all these real artifacts from South East Asia and real Indonesian street food from the food court really made the experience.It was just incredible travelling through the islands it felt like we were actually in Asia the set up was that good, and if you enjoy taking photos like I do then get yourself to Chester Zoo Islands because it looks amazing on camera.

There are many other exciting parts of the zoo even a wedding at the beautiful Oakfield Manor, so if you have never been to Chester Zoo I would definitely recommend it, it’s a fun day out for couples / family’s. Just make sure you take a packed lunch, plenty of water and good walking boots because you’re always on your feet.

One thing I really enjoyed about yesterday was learning about the zoo, it’s family run, the zoo is clean and you can tell the animals are well looked after, I said to Sam that is was cleaner than the horse stables I used to volunteer at.

They have several projects going on in different countries and dumb as this sounds I didn’t know that the zoo breeds the endangered animals and releases them into the wild, I just think that it’s amazing they clearly look after the animals and have the best intentions of sustaining endangered species.

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My favourite animals that we saw were the Butterflies (so pretty! fluttering around showing of their beautiful wings) , Zebras (I love their pattern and they are so quiet) , South American Bush dogs (sooo cute! they just run around making cute noises) Elephants (I love watching them at home on YouTube so seeing them in real life just makes my heart happy hehe) and the Exotic birds in the islands which were just amazing.

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Gift Shop

After a long day of exploring we ended the day with a visit to the gift shop which was bursting at the seams with people aha, there was so many lovely things, toys for kids, souvenirs for yourself or family / friends.. you can end up spending a good hour in there. We didn’t end up getting anything as the queue was insane as Primark’s  and we didn’t want to get stuck in the traffic with everyone leaving at the same time. But I did get a few pictures of the shop.

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That’s it for today’s blog, thank you for reading, please leave a comment below telling about your favourite experience at Chester Zoo.


Sarah x




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