My yearly goals – 6 months on

Is that time of year again when the clients in the salon say ‘Oh Sarah I can’t believe how fast the year goes, 6 months in already’ And it always makes me giggle, it’s the same small talk every year but it’s true.

So here we are, June again, which means it’s time for my mid year goals update.

House Renovation – So, I’ve done no blogs on house renovation because I share it on the gram, but I’m always rummaging through charity shops trying to find furniture that I can upcycle, so I might do a blog post on what I’ve upcycled so far.

Natural Living – I’m mastering natural skincare, which is the next blog post I’m working on at the moment, and I’m learning as many home cooked meals as I can, and also I am trying my best to get plastic out of my everyday life which I will be making a blog post about.

Creativity – Right, I’ve used the sewing machine but I’m not confident yet, it’s a time issue and I need to go to sewing classes but I don’t drive and I work full time, BUT I am currently working on making part of a dress for the FG awards so I will be doing a blog post about that in a couple of Sundays, then I am knuckling down with the machine.

Home Country – I’ve only managed to explore York so far this year, I want to explore Bath and Brighton but I haven’t got the money, I’m a girl who wants to do so much but money stops her.

Vlogging – I’ve not forgotten about this, it’s on my top to do list but that list gets longer by the passing day, my brain needs to calm down.

June onwards, the next 6 months of year..

I’m just setting myself 2 goals to work for so I’m not stressing myself out.

Creativity – By the end of the year I want to understand my machine, work on sample patterns then move onto the big girl stuff.

Driving – I’m 23 and still can’t drive not to sound dramatic but I feel like a failure in that aspect because if I’m not getting the bus then I have to rely on other people which I’m sure gets on their nerves, I also need to be able to drive for when I have children in the future so realistically I need to start now because it’ll take me awhile to get my confidence up and pass my test. Plus the other month my theory ran out which I expected but it was a waste and I don’t like waste.

And that’s just 2 goals to work at so I’m not putting so much pressure on myself, I absolutely love doing these goals because it’s something that I do regularly think about and want to work to, because I’m the kind of person who always has to have a project to work on so I feel proud that I’ve achieved something, hobbies keep me going.


I’ve broken up my Sunday routine, but I thought this was more of a weekday post, I hope you’ve enjoyed reading it and set yourself some goals, it’s healthy to work towards something.

There will be no blog post this Sunday due to the awards evening and my dress taking up 99% of my time, so I’ll you the Sunday after.


Sarah Belanova x

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