My goals for the next 5 years

In 5 years I’ll be 28 which is scary to think because I know that it will go quick, I feel like my 20s are flashing before my eyes, sometimes I want to be like the movie Click with Adam Sandler and click pause or fast forward  but then I remember to live life in the moment.

As much as I do live my life in the moment and enjoy myself I do also have long term goals, I like to look forward to something and try to stay positive which is why I do my yearly goals as well.

What I want to achieve in 5 years..

Marriage • Not everyone nowadays wants to get married, sadly divorce rate is very high which makes me very sad, I’m a fairytale disney loving girl who’s had her wedding planned out since high school, though I don’t want a big wedding just a intimate one with fairy lights and nature surrounding us, in a handmade or vintage style dress with my future dog being the ring bearer, he / she would probably eat it though haha, that would definitely trend on youtube.

(btw I don’t want to come across like I’m stuck in a dream bubble, believe me my family life is faaarrr from perfect but it’s what I’ve learnt from that, and that I know I want to create a nice loving, stable future and I will work hard to achieve that)

Family • To have a loving and committed  family is something I’ve always wanted, I want children, I’m already known as ‘Aunty Sarah’ and my next stage will be having my own children, no more than two hehe, three’s an odd number and four is wayyy to many!

Pets • If it isn’t obvious enough from the amount of zoos and wildlife parks I’ve been too, I freakin’ LOVE animals, I want a dog, chickens, bunny rabbit, birds, the whole lot and yes I know they require major upkeep and to that I say bring it on! I might have to hire a home cleaner in the future haha.

Garden • I am a proper old lady / country girl at heart, I love gardening and growing vegetables, I find it so therapeutic and rewarding, and in the next 5 years I want most of my meals (time is an issue) to be fresh veg out of the garden and fresh meat from the butchers, there will be no chemical sprays just miracle grow and rain water.

Career • Hobbies, I am passionate about being a hair colourist, it’s stressful at times but if I come home sweaty and with bright colours over me, then I’ve had a good day.

But I also think it’s important to have hobbies to escape to, mine being photography, blogging and craft / dress making. Aswell as wanting to be the best that I can in my everyday job I also want to be the best that I can in my hobbies, so we’ll see how much I improve in the next 5 years.

Exploring new places • I love adventure but it comes at a cost and I can only have so much. But I hope that in 5 years I can say I have or going to go to America or Italy, won’t be cheap trips but I’m very passionate and fascinated by both places.

And that’s it for what I want to achieve in the next 5 years, it seems like the list is long but like I said, times flies, I think back to when I moved out of my mums to now and it’s crazy, life doesn’t stop for you.

Belanova x


p.s I’m enjoying doing these quickly written up blog posts during the week, I’m just talking about the everyday things and then Sunday is for my properly thought out posts with nice flatlays.

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