My goals for 2019

It’s been a while, I’ll try and not leave it this long next time haha, with it being the New Year it’s the perfect time to get back into blogging and work even harder at it.

I did pretty well with my goals for last year and it helped me keep motivated, it was healthy for me, so let’s talk about my goals for this year..


House Renovation

As you all know we moved into our first starter home in September, with it being an older property we have to fix up a bit in places and decorate it which doesn’t come cheap,  the bills come first and there’s never much money after that so it’s taking time but we are getting there, and I want to show you all every step via instagram and here, it’s going to be an expensive project but hopefully by the end of this year we’ll both be happy with it.


Natural Living

Towards the end of the year I’ve been drawn towards and more conscious about taking steps towards a more natural lifestyle and skincare routine, I am also very conscious about wildlife and last year was all about Plastic and the crisis with it and it does scare me so I want to become more eco – friendly, that’s not going to happen overnight it will take a few years and I can’t be eco – friendly with everything but I’m going to make a start.

For my birthday last year Sam got me a greenhouse and what I managed to grow last year was wonderful, I really enjoyed it and now that we’ve moved, in the Spring I will be getting back into it and learning, little steps but I’ll get there.



I am a creative person, my job is to be creative but I want to learn more so I asked Santa for a sewing Machine, he granted my wish and I cannot wait to get started, I want to make clothes, things for the house, I’m excited.

I do have a few other things up my sleeve but I’ll concentrate on that project in July time just need to get used to the sewing machine first, need to learn to walk before I can run.


Explore my home country

Last month, we.. well Sam (I can’t legally drive yet) got his first ever big boy car on fiance, same make Renault Clio just a few years younger and lot less rusty than Ronnie bless her. And now that we have a car that’s in good health and I’m not stressing about it breaking down, we will be going on a lot of road trips and exploring our home country because really there is a lot to see, I do want another city break though, I really really want to go to Krakow in Poland but it just depends on money.


Attempt at documenting our life

I admire how The Michalaks caption and document their life, their videos are just insane it’s like you’re at the cinema watching a film.

Recently I have upgraded my Canon camera, I am going to sell my old one and use the money to buy a vlogging camera and hopefully vlog our adventures and holidays, because I always say memories are so important.


And that is it for my resolutions, like last year I won’t set myself a lot to do because I don’t want to put myself under that much pressure I want my resolutions to be relaxed and enjoyable, I will do a review in June / July time like I did last year and see how I am getting along with everything.




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