My Goals for 2018 ..

.. The resolutions that I never stick to

Happy New Year everyone!

It doesn’t matter if the previous year was good or bad, I view every new year as fresh start though I’m not overly fond of January don’t get me wrong the sales are fab and the charity shops are all stocked up as everyone’s had new clothes but I hate that the pretty Christmas decorations are taken down because they make Stoke look half decent haha, overall I just miss the excitement of Christmas…ah only 300 and odd days to go!

I do hope that this year will be brighter than last year, there’s things that I want to change / improve and memories are to be made so I’m going to share them all with you now.


  • Volunteering | If you’ve read my bio then you will know that I work part time so I have a couple of days off which I do spend most of it blogging but I admit I’ve got into a depressive slump but the whole of last year and the things building up haven’t helped me mentally.  To get help me get out of this slump but also gain back my confidence I’m going to volunteer in charity shops where I spend 99% of my time anyway haha! I am passionate about charity work and any chance I get to to help the world out a bit I jump at it.


  • Succeed in getting Math & English at GCSE level | dun dun duunnn .. I’m dumb, simple as and I’m a nightmare to teach because if I can’t understand something I get upset and my confidence floors, I swear a 5 year old is brighter than me. This year I am going to look into doing a night time course for Math & English so I probably won’t even start till the end of this year, I am going to try my very hardest and prove to myself that I can do it.


  • Buy plants | Everyone seems to want to become a cat lady, not me I want to become the plant lady. Growing up my Mum used to have a fair few house plants and they made everything ‘fresher’ and just made the house look nice even though I had to poke every bloody cactus she brought, curiosity has always got the better of me. Keep an eye out on my instagram I will be posting pictures of house plants.


  • I am going to become the next Jamie Oliver | Only joking I can cook up a mean spag bol that’s about it … this year I am determined to learn how to cook proper healthy nice meals and I am serious about this because I will be incorporating it into my blog which will be explained soon.


  •  Sarah Belanova | This year at some point I want to pluck up the courage and make a youtube video I know youtube is not like it used to be but I just want to give it a go.  Also I am going to try and be more active with social media purely for my blog, so I am going to work on my twitter and facebook because I only really use Instagram and Pinterest really I need to be more cool and up to date.


  • Saving | I’ve always been fairly good with savings and if you’ve been following my blog / instagram you will know that I don’t spend money on high end clothes or food, I am a savvy person so it’s not difficult to save money for myself but now Sam and I have been together for coming up to a year I want to look into opening an ISA account so we can save for a house and also a joint savings account to have back up money and money for the future so I hopefully be sorting that out this year.


And that’s my New Year Resolutions, I know there not that exicting but I just wanted to share them with you all.

What are your New Year Resolutions this year? Comment below

Belanova x

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