Turning 21, creating memories and treating myself…


May, the month I turned 21 and life just got a little bit brighter…

I would love to do individual posts about what I was up to in the month of May but there is just to much haha, so I am just going to cram it all together in photos and a little bit of me rambling in one blog post.

The past few months this year have been hard to say the least but once May came along things have slowly picked up again.

Firstly I turned 21, now as I’m getting older I’m becoming less bothered about my birthday but I thought as it was the big one I may as well do something special but the two people who completed the day were my wonderful boyfriend and best friend, I truly felt like a Princess that day.
Sam spoilt me rotten and we’ve only been together for 2 months, he went above and beyond I can’t thank him enough, and for Lauren her just being there made my day, she also spoilt me rotten hehe.
I went to the Harry Potter Studio Tour again but this time they had the Forbidden Forest there which was pretty cool! the staff here were lovely, I got a birthday badge and a HP ‘passport’ and a couple of goodies at the shop the person serving me saw my badge.
To top the day off I came home to flowers and a birthday cake!







The weekend of my birthday I spent it with Sam as I couldn’t spend my actual birthday with him, so we decided to pack up the picnic basket and off to The Black Country museum we went, it’s a place I’ve always wanted to go and we are both history lovers.
I’d definitely recommend it, you really do feel like you’re walking back in time it’s something else.
One thing I really liked is that they had actors acting out a scene of what they would do back then whether that be sewing or cooking dinner it was interesting, I’d like to try it out one day haha.
If you do then make sure you visit the old fashioned fish & chip shop, soo good, ugh makes my mouth water just thinking about it hehe, the chips were delicious and crispy.
The shop is pretty cool as well as usual I spend money, but hey it was my birthday so why not?







So a couple of days after I went to The Black County museum I went to a vintage kilo sale at the King’s Hall in Stoke, sadly I didn’t really get anything that nice but I went to one section which never lets me down, the Jewelry section and it didn’t let me down. I brought I gorgeous silver ring for only £10 and every time I wear it I feel like a Princess.


Now the final week of May, I jetted off to Benidorm with work for business .. haha I’m just joking we went to party for 2 nights. I’m not the one for party holidays and I don’t go out that much as it is, but it was so nice to get away and breathe that’s really what it was for me. I quite enjoyed feeling the sand on my feet, splashing around in salty water, taking photos and having a rummage through the shops.
If you have the wild party side in you then I would definitely recommend Benidorm.




And that’s it, thank you for reading this really late post aha, it’s taken awhile to organise the photos and structure the blog post but I got there whoo!

Sarah x

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