March was about spring cleaning, partly due to the fact that we be relocating in the near future so I have had to clear out half of my wardrobe *sobs*  I like March because it gets a little lighter and slightly warmer, winter has dragged on a bit now, Spring and Autumn are my two favourite seasons so I’m feeling excited for the lighter days which helps me with blogging so much and seeing all the pretty flowers.

With Spring cleaning it’s cleared my mind a bit when it comes to blogging and my future for myself and with Sam, where we want to go with life and our plan for the future, it’s calmed me down and made me feel content and more in love, but I am keeping an open mind because not all things go to plan but as long as I am with my sweetheart I’ll always be okay.

I have tried to keep March a quiet calm month, I have just been Spring cleaning / Blogging and sorting out the last bits for Amsterdam because April is going to be very hectic and very exciting which I can’t wait to write / blog and film about, so I am going end this post here and I will see you in April

Sarah Belanova x

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