Making a Tulle Skirt

Last Sunday was the Francesco Group Photographic awards, it’s an award show to recognise as individuals our hard work within the industry because hairdressing ain’t just about having a drink and a gossip it’s a skilled job, the night is also to see who’s won awards for the category that you’ve entered, I did enter this year but I didn’t win though I never get my hopes up because it’s tough competition.

The photographic awards is my kind of night out, you can actually look nice and classy.

I don’t go out often at all and this year I really wanted to make an effort and to feel good about myself so I got my thinking cap on and even treated myself to get my nails done and eye lashes tinted, I will now be regularly getting my lashes done because it’s made such a difference.

I knew I wanted to wear a black dress for a change but if you know me well then I can’t just wear black, I need some colour aswell.

So I thought about having a off shoulder black dress just above my knee, with a green sparky tulle skirt to go around my waist which I could take off at any time, so I thought to myself why don’t I make it? And so the planning started, it’s funny really because I managed to pull off making a dress and I still don’t know how to properly work my sewing machine, I work backwards with everything.

The Dress

So as you all know I LOVE my bargains, and I will shop around to find my perfect bargain and I did that with my dress, the first one was a cheap disaster as it shrunk in the wash so my back up dress ended up being the one, I did have to cut it shorter though but I felt so sexy and classy wearing it.

Ebay – £8.50 that including p&p.


The Mermaid Tulle Skirt

I did cheat a little, I was originally going to get plain green tulle material and hot gun sequins on, which I did but also saw this lovely green tulle material which had sequins on, I couldn’t leave it so I got both.

I was going to just double up on tulle so it wasn’t so transparent but it didn’t feel right, I needed to nip back to Abakan for some Berry pins and more Tulle but instead I saw some beautiful silk green material and I thought that would look nice instead of just doubling the tulle, the lady who was cutting the material to size for me said it would look lovely against Tulle and it really did, with having red wavy hair I felt like a Mermaid with the dress swishing everywhere, I felt like a Disney Princess for the night.

The Sewing Part

What you need:

• Plenty of Material

• Black Hemming trim

• Black and Light Green Thread

• Needle

• Berry and Safety pins

• Measuring tape

As I said I can’t fully understand my sew machine yet and I haven’t sewn since textiles in High School, so I was bloody impressed with myself with how neat I did it all.

And being typical Sarah I started this a week before the awards, I’m terribly unorganised and put myself under unreasonable stress.

Part 1: I decided the best route to go down was box pleating the Tulle skirt to give it a fuller look, so I measured my unbelievably tiny waist and berry pinned half an inch pleats ready to be sewn, it was tricky sewing Tulle skirt as well, I did make a few mistakes but to be covered with black hemming materiel so it didn’t bother me too much.

I box pleated both the Tulle and the silk material separately then I sewed / hemmed them together so the skirt didn’t look as transparent,  I was really impressed when I finished and it was really starting to come together when I sewn the black hemming material onto the skirt.

Part 2:   Now I had to sew both materials together at the front of the skirt but leave the bottom free flowing, which I found difficult but I managed it, after that I had to trim the bottom of the skirt quite a bit, and I was still cutting it to perfection 15 minutes before I was due down, it wasn’t perfect but it still looked good and with it free flowing it all just blended in.

Part 3: The very last part I had to safety pin the skirt from inside the hem to the dress, I haven’t got any photos because I was in a rush, I didn’t even get chance to finish my hair. But it all worked out, the reason I safety pinned it instead of sewing was because I then could take the skirt off whenever I wanted.

And before I know, the night was over and I felt like pressure had been lifted, I was really anxious to wear the skirt, though I had a couple of compliments throughout the night which eased me a little, I even carried an emergency little sewing kit with me haha. Like I said there was things I could improve but the skirt is going in my memory box as the first thing I have made.

And thats it for today’s blog post, thank you for reading and hopefully there will be more posts like this.


Sarah Belanova x

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