What I got for Christmas 2017


Hello, I hope you’ve all had a lovely Christmas, spent it with your loved ones and stuffed your faces silly with lots of food! I have been blown away this Christmas, to be honest I thought it was going to be a really crap Christmas, just to you know top off the year but it turned out alright and I have been unexpectedly spoilt. Believe it or not I don’t like opening up presents I feel awkward and prefer watching people open what I got them because I like to spoil people hehe.

Firstly, my boyfriend made up a lovely stocking which I was most excited to open as it was all I wanted as I love Christmas stockings they make the fireplace lovely, every other present he just spoilt me with haha, I sadly don’t have any pictures of the stocking but he put in some really snug Christmas fuzzy socks, a fish eye effect for my camera for when I am blogging – keep an eye out for those photos on this blog post, and then filled it with chocolate which it’s traditional to have chocolate coins every year!


I couldn’t believe it when I opened up Part 1 of this present! He got me a 2 Glossyboxes! yes not just 1 but 2! I am a lucky girl! I was talking about changing my Birchbox to Glossybox as I wasn’t enjoying the products as much and I’ve had Glossybox 2 years ago and considered going back and Sam’s just made that happen haha! I will be doing a post on both boxes so keep an eye out.

My girl knows me well, Lauren got me this Beauty and The Beast colouring book and colouring pencils which is just perfect! I like to draw and she’s given me a kick up the bum really to get back into it, she’s a good egg.

Lauren also got me this Beauty and The Beast hand cream and the packaging is insane, I love it! I’ve never seen anything like it and she didn’t even get it from Primark which sell’s loads of great Disney stuff. It smells lovely and I’ll be keeping the rose pot.

Sam got me Winnie the Pooh hot water bottle, he’s so frickin’ cute! ( and Sam 😉 ) we don’t have the heating much and I’m using freezing into an ice cube but not anymore because Winnie’s here to keep me cozy and warm!

I saw this in The Range around 3 months ago now and really wanted it, I’ve always loved making things and used to have little kits when I was younger so I was so happy when I opened up this and can’t wait to do a blog post on it plus Me To You is super cute.

Candles and Wine. These gifts were from Lauren and Sam’s parents they also got me a flexible candle lighter, everyone knows how much I love candles I have a growing collection, and the size of this Wine is perfect because I can drink it like a classy lady in the bath with the candles flickering, it’s pure bliss.

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These two gifts were from Sam’s parents and it’s great timing because I was looking for a new calendar for 2018 and this one is perfect and the end of next year I am going to cut out some of the pictures and frame them because they are vintage and cute. Also the little diary has the most beautiful design and is so handy to carry in my handbag.

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This is another present of Sam’s parents they have well and truly spoilt me, they knew I would love this as it’s vintage style and I’m a vintage gal. Just gotta get through all the cookies that come with it which won’t be hard and then I’ll fill it with my fruit teas.

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Sam is the best, he got me tickets for Disney on Ice! I am so exicted! Ice skating has always been a huge interest of mine and I think you’ve all figured out by now that I like Disney, a lot haha. Before everyone thinks I am spoilt, Sam brought this last minute as he found out about his huge Christmas surprise from me and it cost an arm and a leg one of the biggest reasons I have struggled to blog the past few months which I will be doing a blog post all about it once it’s sorted but for now I’m stressed out chicken.


That’s if for today’s blog post, please don’t think I am bragging! I just want to show some appreciation to everyone that has brought me a gift by talking about it and just say thank you, everyone in my life is wonderful in their own way and I’m just really thankful.

Belanova x

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