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Saving money is difficult to do when you’re on minimum wage, once all of your bills are out there is never much money left over to save or treat yourself, sometimes it can feel impossible and draining, and there is always something going wrong that will cost money that is just life, but as I always say life is as expensive as you make it, and over the next few weeks I’m going to talk about how to save money, from food, beauty, travel etc but  today I’m going to talk about saving money with when it comes to food.



Before I moved out, I didn’t think twice about the money I spent on food and the waste (sorry mum) , I never heard of the reduced section, I didn’t have a clue really because I didn’t need to budget.

But I learned pretty quick to buck up my ideas when I did move out.

Branded items:

Majority of branded items have the same ingredients as unbranded, you’re paying for the label really because unbranded products taste better most of the time, there are a few branded items that I will never part with though (krave, Heinz spaghetti hoops), but mostly it’s the same ingredients, check the labels next time you go shopping you’ll understand what I’m talking about.

Reduced section:

That yellow sticker is something I’ve become quite ‘proud and shouty’ about but I’m definitely not a vulture at the reduced section like some people.. you learn over time which shops put the best deals out at certain times and which days are the best, and you can eat certain foods past their sell by date and if you can’t, freeze it.

Meal Deals:

Meal Deals are expensive, go to the reduced section after roughly 4pm, the sandwiches that don’t sell after the lunch time rush hour, they end up on the reduced section, and the longer they on the reduced section the cheaper they go, when I finish work around 6 ish there are sandwiches going for 50p, personally I don’t like sandwiches only in baguette, but I don’t mind a bacon buttie (I’m the fussiest person ever) if you do see a sandwich for a couple of pence then grab it, it’ll be fine for one day after the sell by date. Want some crisps and a chocolate bar? Then get a multi pack of crisps from b&m or home bargains for £1 and they’ll last you all week, same with chocolate bars.

Eating Healthy:

I hear so many people saying it’s expensive and time consuming to eat healthy, and I personally think that’s a bit of an excuse.

I live on a tight budget, but I still manage to eat relatively healthy, which is surprising as I am a big carby, sweetie meat eater though, which I have to be careful about and balance it out.

It’s cheaper to have a bit of pasta for tea with some chicken pieces, or even a chicken wrap and salad, than a takeaway, I know after a long day at work it can be tempting to just order something in but what works out cheaper in the long run?

And the best way to be healthy is home grown food but I know it’s easier said than done for a lot of people, but if you can, do it, there is nothing quite like freshly grown veg, it’s only really the soil and pots that can cost, it’s more about looking after them.

Watch the show Eat Well For Less, it’s one of my favourite ‘how to adult’ shows.

Offers and Vouchers:

Now I need a talking to about this, I’m a bloody buggar for getting food vouchers etc and never using them, I have every intention then I forget to take them to the shop with me or just forget to use them.

Though the one thing I do do is a mental meal plan, and shop around, Morrison’s, Asda and Sainsbury’s are my main shops really, it comes as shock to some people that I don’t shop in Aldi and places because I am on a tight budget but those shops personally don’t work for us.


Bulk buying and prepping:

I do believe bulk buying is cheaper but I don’t go overboard, my version of bulking buying is if Lloyd’s pasta sauce is on offer I buy a lot because I love it, though I am working on making my own homemade version, and things like baking ingredients etc.

I also love to cook in bulk and freeze it, mostly all my food is made from scratch (yes time consuming but glass of wine and some music and I’m happy making foood) also I love slow cooking food, goddamn the house smells incredible if run it over night, sounds crazy but I can smell the herbs I’ve added when I wake up and it makes my morning and belly rumble.


And that’s it for today’s blog post, I definitely don’t know everything but I just want to share what I’ve learnt so far.

See you on Sunday for my next blog post,

Belanova x

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