How I’m keeping organised this year

Life can get really busy, everyone around me seems to never have time do to anything, it’s easy to lose track and forget about an appointment you made or a coffee date that you have coming up.

Recently I have become full time again, I am still carrying on with my volunteer work at the charity shop, doing creative things at home and blogging which all together takes up more time than you realise, so today I want to show you how I’m keeping organised.


Firstly I use a calendar, this was a Christmas present, it’s shabby chic themed and you can get one anywhere it’s just your standard calendar but I have one every year and I find them really useful.

Calendars are easy because if you hang them up closer to your front door then before you leave the house you can quickly check what you’ve got planned on that day, plus they do look pretty.

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As you can see my plans for this month have been my Birthday and posting blogs on preferably a Wednesday and Friday, though it’s not always going to happen on both days.  I have nothing majorly planned but if any last minute plans pop up then I can easily write them in the little box, for example I went to Trentham Gardens with my bestie and then had a BBQ afterwards and saw people that I haven’t seen in a year, I haven’t wrote down work and the charity shop because that goes on my weekly planner.

My Weekly Planner 

I love this little planner because it’s not a diary, I’ve had big diary’s before and they end up right at the bottom of my bag getting dirty from the coins and sweet wrappers but this is magnetic so you can put it on the fridge and pull the sheets out it’s perfect for me, I got it from Wilkos for £2.75 it’s cute and affordable.


calendar, organisation, blogger

So as you can see this is an example of a typical week for me, it’s just about work and blogging really, things can be added like a Morning off change and training days either in salon or in Stafford.

Sunday’s are my day with Sam, it’s the only day really and even though we live together we still have to spend time with each other and have fun day’s out even if it’s just going to the cinema, I just think it’s important to spend quality time together.

Meal Plan

calendar, organisation, blogger

And there is our meal plan for the week, that’s just an idea really because we’ll swap meal days this planner is great for writing down new meal ideas and planning ahead, not only can you plan your meals but also you have a little space for your shopping list and we always need bits and bobs.

I like this, it’s also from Wilkinson’s roughly the same price as my weekly one it’s in the same section.


And that is how I keep organised, not all the time I remember my weekly planner but as long as my ‘big’ plans are on my calendar then is all good.

How do you guys keep organised? Do you just use your phones calendar or like me have planners, comment below.


Some links for places that you can get pretty calendars and planners from





Sarah Belanova x