Hello 2020

Well January is over haha, I am late with telling you all my New Years Resolutions but oh well.

I am forgetting about last year, it’s in the past and I am a different person now, definitely a more confident person and I have a really good feeling about the 20’s.



4 years off on and off driving and I finally feel confident enough to say my test booked and I am so determined to pass, it’s my biggest goal of this year really it’ll be my freedom, once I’ve passed I will definitely be going for cocktails because it’s been long awaited, fingers crossed anyway!

Weekend Adventures & Italy

  Well this year started off busy and I have been on a little adventure to Wales already which was perfect really.

York and Edinburgh and hopefully if my pennies can stretch then Italy, I have wanted it to go for so long and it’s seems so Romantic.

Vintage Life

Everyone knows how passionate I am for anything and everything Vintage / History, and I want to take it one step further with the hair and setting up a Vintage YouTube channel.

Saving for my own place again.

This is a bit of an exhausting one to be honest and mentally draining, my living situation at the moment isn’t ideal, my life is in boxes I’m kinda of starting again if that makes sense?

I want to buy, I’m itching for my own space again, not only that I need to let my creativity flow, I have a lot of hobbies, I like to keep busy, and because of space I’m struggling, so the sooner I can buy my own place the better really.

And that’s pretty much it, so far I’m on fire this year, I feel determined and really want to work at making this year something special and hopefully it will, and concentrate on getting my lil blog flowing again.

Sarah Belanova x

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