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Rosemary & Thyme Steak and Baby Potatoes

I’m starting a new monthly food diary, in the new year I wanted to learn how to cook food other than beans on toast and spag bol because everyone can do that aha, I want to challenge myself so I’ve decided to make it more fun and make a monthly blogpost about a new food ‘recipe’, quick thank you to my boyfriend Sam who is teaching me how to cook at the moment.

So for January I’ve decided to do Rosemary & Thyme seasoned Steak and Baby Potatoes with Vegetables, I actually brought this as a reduced meal late November but we had lasagna with it not steak and I like it that much I wanted to try and make it myself but with Steak so here goes.

Ingredients (for 2 people)

Steak – I got some steak from the reduced isle at Tesco a few months back, it was about £1 – £2 for 6.

Baby Potatoes – Morrisons £1

Rosemary & Thyme seasoning – Tesco £0.75p each

Vegetables: All from Morrisons

Asparagus –  £1.75

Broccoli – Reduced to £1

Cauliflower – £0.75 

Carrot – £0.50

Oranges – £1

 Black and Pepper Sea Salt Croutons –  Morrisons £0.60


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  1. First chop the baby potatoes in half and sprinkle Rosemary & Thyme on them – put in the oven / grill to cook, once cooked to how you like leave in the oven to keep warm until the rest of the food is ready.
  2. Whilst the potatoes are cooking chop the carrot into small pieces and peel 1 orange, let them boil in water until they are soft enough, once boil drain the water away and starting mashing the orange and carrot together, once you’ve mashed it together put it in bowl at the side until the rest of the food is ready.
  3. Whilst cooking the carrot & orange you need to cook the Asparagus, Broccoli and Cauliflower, once they are nearly cooked leave to simmer until the Steak it cooked.
  4. Now for the best bit, the steak, I pan fried the steak first I put some oil in the pan then I rubbed Rosemary & Thyme into the steak and started to fry it because it was thin steak it took roughly 3 4 minutes to cook you just have to keep turning it over, fry it to however you like, Sam and I like our meat done well like charcoal well.
  5. And you’re all done, serve however you like but a little tip pour some sauce / flavour over it as it’s a dry without, we just used gravy.


And that’s it for this month’s blog post, I’m really looking forward to doing these each month and hopefully at some point this year I will be confident in cooking and a lot healthier, fingers crossed aha.

What meals what you like me to do in the future? Let me know in the comments



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