Day 3 Van Gough Museum | Waterlooplein Market | Bansky

Our last day at Amsterdam was a short but a busy one, our flight back was changed from 2:00pm to 6:00pm, which at first I thought we would be getting back late but it was actually a blessing in disguise.

Due to the flight change we managed to fit 3 things in a space of a few hours, looking back I don’t know we managed to do it all, we were knackered but we did it!

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Van Gough

Firstly we did the Van Gough Museum, it was right next to the iamsterdam sign so we took a few tourist photos aha.

I was glad we did the Van Gough Museum, it’s art that you get taught about in school so to see it in person was pretty cool.

It was interesting to learn about Van Gough’s personal life as well, I walked away feeling sorry for the guy, he never married and suffered from various mental health issues from what I was reading, but it’s all down to Gough’s brothers Wife as to how his work has become so famous worldwide, when Gough passed away Theo, Gough’s brother tragically passed away a month later and he wanted Gough’s Work to be published so Theo’s wife published it when Theo passed because she felt like his work needed to be shown to the world instead of getting lost like a lot of history has sadly.

Not only do you get to see Gough’s work but also Work by other artists who have been inspired by Gough, also you can see artwork that Gough collected in his life and inspired by in some of his work.

I couldn’t get any pictures as we weren’t allowed.

Waterlooplien Market

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After the Van Gough we raced over to the Waterlooplien Market, it’s a vintage market they had a lot but I couldn’t get any thing because I only took a carry on and what I wanted to get was quite expensive, that is one thing I learned about Amsterdam it’s expensive haha. Though even though I didn’t buy anything we did have a delicious smoothie whilst we were browsing around which gave us the energy boost that we needed.

There are quite a few vintage shops dotted around Amsterdam so there’s plently to see.


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Sam called this one and thank god he did, we both really like Banksy’s work and I never thought I’d be viewing it in Amsterdam haha. This was right next to Van Gough and my blind eyes didn’t see it, Sam pointed it out.

It was amazing seeing his work in person, he’s one of a kind but it would be nice to find out who Banksy is and interview him, it would be an interesting conversation.

Some of his most popular work was there, brilliant end to an amazing holiday.

And that’s it for the last post Amsterdam, I hope you’ve enjoyed the blog posts and gives you an insight to Amsterdam.

Sarah Belanova x

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