Day 2 Botanical Gardens | Anne Frank & Sex Museum


Day 2 of Amsterdam was calmer, though we were so tired from the lack of sleep and so much walking, but it was all worth it, Day 2 was also the day that we seemed to have the best food aha, so I have included yummy food places into this blog.

amsterdam city break travel

Botanical Gardens

amsterdam city break travel

First we went to the Botanical Gardens, it’s hidden away treasure so we had to ask for directions, we thought it was a bit naf at first but once you do deeper in you have a different opinion, once again it was one of my favourites.

It’s perfect for a relaxing few hours, you can stroll around the beautiful gardens and then walking through the jungle and learn about exotic plants / flowers and trees, it’s really beautiful.

After the Botanical Gardens we went for a bite to eat at Pancake King which was about a 5 minute walk from the Gardens, it was a yummy energy boost ready for our walk to the Anne Frank house, I had fried egg on a Pancake and Sam had Cream and Strawberry waffles which were amazing!

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Anne Frank House

amsterdam city break travel

One of my life goals is now complete, we went to the Anne Frank house it’s probably not what you will expect but you definitely need to visit it, when we start the door you are given speaker to listen to and it explains Anne’s story as you go through each room, there isn’t much of the Frank’s family’s personal possessions left so don’t expect to go into rooms full of things like I did haha, also there’s a little gift shop at the end.


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Sex Museum 

amsterdam city break travel

After the Anne Frank museum we were quite knackered to be honest but we still carried on, we went the Sex Museum and it was hilarious, don’t go if you haven’t got a dirty sense of humour, the museum is full of old fashioned sex really and some very funny parts, there’s not much else to say aha.


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After the Sex Museum, we dragged our tired legs back to the hotel and had a power nap, later on we got the tram to just outside Amsterdam Central and went to a lovely little place called Peppino it was wonderful and the food was delicious.

See in the next blog post for Day 3 of Amsterdam

Sarah Belanova x



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