Day 1 Canal Cruise | Rijkmuseum | Artis Zoo & Red Light District

For our first day in Amsterdam we did quite a lot, looking back I don’t know how we did it all because you have to bear in mind we walked everywhere though we do use the tram at one point because our legs were to tired to walk us back to the hotel.

So we decided to get the Amsterdam City Card which we used from 10:20am in the morning so it gave us just enough time the next morning to do something else before our time was up.

Canal Cruise

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So the first thing we did was the Canal Cruise and it was one of my favourite things we did, the cruise let’s you see the Amsterdam from a different perspective, it’s an amazing opportunity to learn about the history and also the present of Amsterdam. You can also take some beautiful photos from the water.


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After the Canal Cruise we went for a bite to eat at an Irish pub then the next stop was the Rijkmuseum, we didn’t spend long there but it was nice to appreciate the history of art, I liked seeing the guns and swords, it reminded me of Game Of Thrones, but my favourite part out of all was the cathedral, it was breathtaking.


Artis Zoo

Along with the Canal Cruise this was in my top favourites. The Zoo was amazing! So many beautiful animals and the zoo was lovely itself from birds to penguins there’s a lot to see and it is bigger than it looks, there is nice little area where you can buy food and watch the giraffes and also keep an eye on your children as they play in the park close by.

Not only are the animals fascinating but a highlighted area was them showing what damage we are doing to the planet, though not nice to see I think it was good to remind people that we have to look after our world and animals because the animals were here before us and we need them like they need us.

I highly recommend this Artis zoo if you take a trip to Amsterdam, I love zoo’s myself, I think it’s great that look after endangered animals and breed them because like I said we need each other and zoo’s are great for educational purposes as well young & old.


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Red Light District 

And finally the Red Light District, one of Amsterdam’s top ‘attractions’ this is a place for open minded’s most definitely interesting. I think if you’re in Amsterdam you should visit the section because it is something different and Amsterdam is known for the Red Light District, Weed and the Anne Frank house, but like I say eye an open mind but you’ll definitely have your eyes opened up haha.

amsterdam, red light district

amsterdam, red light district

That’s it for Day 1 of Amsterdam, Day 2 is coming on Wednesday

Sarah Belanova x

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