Dagfields Antique Emporium

A few weeks ago, I finally got the chance to go to Dagfields Vintage Emporium in Nantwich, it was perfect timing to go because I had just been paid, and buying Vintage / Antique is something that I will spend saved pennies on because it’s my passion.

Dagfields is full of Vintage and Antique treasures, and with it being an Emporium, there’s a lot of money to be spent, and I did just that.  So today I’m going to show you what I brought and also there will be a  nice surprise towards the end of the blog.

World War Newspaper Articles


I am fascinated by the War time, always have been, so I grabbed these up, and I’m going to recreate retro baking recipes that are in the newspaper.

Drinks Crate

This isn’t really Antique but, it’s my style and says New Orleans and Southern Comfort on on which is on my bucket list of places to go in America and one of my favourite drinks, so I’ll be storing either my mini whiskeys or herbs in there.


Michael Jackson Vinyl

Finally found a record player of my Man, cannot wait to listen and dance to this.

I’ve done well with Vinyl records lately, I got a Frank Sinatra one from a charity shop, I never usually drop on.


50s Scrapbook

This is definitely my second favourite buy of the day, I love the 50s and this scrapbook has let me learn more about one my fave eras.

The Treasure Find

So after buying the little things, I was now on the hunt for the big things like furniture etc.

For the past year or so I’ve been been searching for either a Singer Sewing Machine or a typewriter, now I have found various ones in charity shops but I have never brought one because they are over priced and not in the best condition.

My patience has paid off though, I found a 1916 Singer Sewing, with the box, original instructions, needle etc, and it looks like it has barely been touched considering it’s an Antique with it being over 100 years old, for £25!!! I could have squealed in joy, I genuinely couldn’t believe it, most Singer Sewing Machines are sold for around £60 that’s without everything that it needs, so I grabbed it, I carried the box and Jesus that is heavy enough.

What I love most about it besides the beautiful artwork on it and the classic look, is that it says ‘Made in Great Britain’ it’s refreshing to not see ‘Made in China’

The Big Surprise

 So I told my Grandparents about my trip to Dagfields, and my Grandad asked what I got, and I told him everything and explained the Singer Machine and he just half laughed / half smiled and told me that tucked in his garage (full of crap that he doesn’t need) he’s been hiding away (I think nearly forgotten) the Singer table, and they are magnificent in my opinion, I told Grandad off because he’s kept it hidden for 30 years and it’s not been touched and had piles of junk on top of it, so in a few days he surprised me by getting it out (gotta applaud him for that) he oiled it and polished it up, then the next surprise was another bloody Singer Machine in the table, my face must of been a picture, I was shook.

I have asked my Grandparents if I can buy the table off them next year when I get a summer house which will work as my working space, and if I can use it as my sewing table, and they said that’s fine, I just need to pay someone to professionally restore it because it has large black mark on it.

I’m still like in shock now, because I’ve been after one for over a year and Grandads had that tucked away so now I have two, life can be special and crazy at times.

And that’s everything, I can’t wait to go and explore more Vintage / Antique Emporiums and see what other treasures I find, I am in the process of writing another blog post about Vinatage items that I’ve brought lately so keep an eye out for that.

See you on Wednesday for more money savings tips


Sarah Belanova x


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