Christmas Haul 2017


Hello! It’s been a while – whoops! Life, that’s my explanation plain and simple BUT I am back and it’s December, the most wonderful time of the year! And this year is extra special because it’s my first Christmas with Sam and I am really excited about it, with it being my first Christmas with Sam we’ve got no decorations so I’ve been on a misson to add a bit of Christmas spirit to our place.


Home Bargains, B & M and Poundland etc have been my places to shop, I have been on a budget but I am also a girl that loves a bargain so if you’re the same then hopefully this blog post will save you some pennies and give you some inspiration.


Christmas Tree & Decorations

We got our Christmas tree on sale at Tesco’s for £24 originally £30 and it’s decent, just your average 6 foot tree, we’ll probably have a real one next year.


I got baubles from B & M and Home Bargains, I wanted to go with a Red / Gold theme with some glittery pine cones, my sister picked out some smaller white / cream baubles but they still blend in well.

 Red & Gold 40 pack of Baubles – £ 4.99

Silver & Cream pack of 26 baubles from Home Bargains (not sure on price, no online link)

These glittery pine cones were from B & M but I can’t find a link, they were only £2.49 for a pack of 12.

christmas haul, 2017, poundland, b & m, home bargains, festive

I got these Berry lights from Tesco on offer for £8 and they are nice, a lot of them though aha. I also found these adorable star lights from poundland and for a pound bloody hell they shine better than the berry ones.

christmas haul, 2017, poundland, b & m, home bargains, festive

Star or Fairy, everyone needs one on top of their Christmas tree, it’s the finishing touch and I got a fairy as we’ve always had a fairy on the tree next year I might have a star for a change. And this pretty lady was £8 from Wilko’s.


Tinsel & cute d.i.y decorations

I have been excited to write about this, I found tinsel in Wilko and B & M fo only £1 and I did buy too much haha but there is no harm in wanting to jazz a dull house up.

After I got tinsel, I found these awesome ‘picks’ with berries, little pine cones etc they look expensive but they were only from wilko and poundland, winner! I put the first lot I brought in my room in this old glass bottle, and used the ribbon from my anniversary present to wrap around the bottle and give it a nice touch, then I found more in poundland which I got lucky with as they were the last nice bunch and I’ve cut about an inch from the bottom put them in this big vase with red tissue paper to bulk it up. Definitely my favourite buy from everything that I have brought.

Tinsel – B & M , Wilko £1

Christmas Picks – Wilko


Candles & Christmassy scents

I am candle obsessed, and the Christmas scents are my favourite, having a candle burning in the background filling the room with it’s scent is just so nice and relaxing. So here are a couple that I have brought recently, I still have Christmas candles from last year aha I just keep collecting.


All these candles etc were from Home Bargains and sadly I don’t have a price or link for them but I can say they all around £1£2 each, affordable and smell lovely.


Bits and Bobs

This is just bits and bobs that I didn’t really need but they were too cute to leave haha.

Each thing was £1 each except for a snowflake blanket from Matalan for £5 which I just had to get even though I way too many blankets haha, the glass and ‘Merry Christmas’ sign were from Asda and the two ribbon / beaded decorations were from poundland.

Cards, Stickers and Advent Calender’s

What better way to end a blog post than with Advent Calenders and cute Christmas cards hehe.


I love Advent Calenders, I get giggly and exicted at the thought of opening a new door each morning / night during December and what chocolate you’ll get, I got a chocolate advent calendar from Heron Foods for £1 and this cereal advent from Tesco for £3 and it’s awesome!! I get double the treat every day 😉

I like to give people lovely Christmas cards so I do take my time in deciding what I get and I usually get two different designs, and this year I found these cute cards from Home Bargains for 99p each, and I saw these stickers from Poundland and it made me think of my Grandparents whenever it’s my birthday they always put a lovely sticker on the envelope so this year I am going to start doing it for every occasion and I will carry on in the future, it’s the little things in life that make it brighter.


And that’s it for today’s blog, my first Christmas post! it feels really good and refreshing to get back into blogging, like I said at the start life can get in the way and get you down and sometimes you just need a kick up the butt.

I have been thinking of new and different blog ideas for the New Year and how to organise myself with a schedule and work on building up my views which is difficult but first I’m just going to get Christmas out of the way.

Sarah x

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