Chapter 2 | February

February was really slow at the start but quickly sped up and before I knew the month has flown by and brought in the beast from the East aha, a very cold end to February.

And February is the month of love, and it also feels extra special because the day after Valentines day last year Sam messaged me for the first time, so we celebrated our first Valentines and first year together and what better way to celebrate than at Frankie and Benny’s the Italian restaurant which old music playing in the background it’s also where we went to where we had our first dinner date,  it was a really lovely meal I had Chicken Penne Romana Bake and Sam had the BBQ Cheese Burger, the meal was delicious and we topped it off with a Brownies and Ice Cream, I had to be rolled outta the restaurant aha. 

We also spoilt each other, Sam never fails when it comes to gift buying though, he’s a sweetheart, overall it was a lovely weekend.

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After Valentine’s everything just got really stressful which will be explained in a blog post that I will be working on soon, it’s all worked out in the end but the stress just wasn’t what you need.

Other than that I went to Pro Live last weekend which I have done a blog post on pro live 2018, other than pro live the other thing that has happened in February is that we now have an oven which makes me very happy because it’s makes cooking a lot easier and now I can bake! I’ve already started buying in bits and pieces to bake with, you’re know you’re life is sad when you’re excited over an oven and cooking equipment haha.

And that’s it for this month’s diary entry, see ya in March for chapter 3.

Belanova x

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