Hello 2020

Well January is over haha, I am late with telling you all my New Years Resolutions but oh well. I am forgetting about last year, it’s in the past and I am a different person now, definitely a more confident person and I have a really good feeling about the 20’s.   Driving 4 years Continue Reading

Being a people’s person

  Today I want to talk about my job, well a huge part of my job which involves being a people’s person, making people feel good about themselves and return feeling as though you’ve done your job right. Before entering the world of hairdressing and becoming a people’s person, I was a very shy teenager Continue Reading

Renting vs Buying

As most of you know, we brought our first home last year after renting for roughly a year or so, and I wanted to give you some advice weather you’re planning on renting or buying, we have only just got on the property ladder so we are not experienced in buying houses etc but if Continue Reading

Turning 23

Next month I’ll be turning 23 which I am actually quite excited for, there’s a few things that I want to achieve in the year I am 23 so I thought I would share them with you ..   Making clothes I want to be confident in working on my sewing machine, if I manage Continue Reading