Being a people’s person


Today I want to talk about my job, well a huge part of my job which involves being a people’s person, making people feel good about themselves and return feeling as though you’ve done your job right.

Before entering the world of hairdressing and becoming a people’s person, I was a very shy teenager and would often shy away from a lot of things, I still am shy and still am overcoming anxiety in some ways and they can both show through my work at times, but they are my personal targets for work, I always try to better myself, it’s the only way you grow as a person.

I always advise any teenager or anyone who is shy for that matter to work with people to build up your self confidence, I was secretly terrified when I first started working in my industry, people scared the crap outta me but you learn the good people bring out the best in you and the bad people make you learn how to handle and resolve situations, but don’t get me wrong some people are just arseholes and that’s life in general.

You will have wonderful days where you meet people that you remember for the right reasons, people that you bond with, people that thank you for making their day brighter and lighter, these are the days that you have to remember when you’re going through the rough days, because there is nothing more special knowing that someone is walking away and you’ve made them smile and laugh.

And the rough days are obviously hard, being a people’s person means being smiley, happy and open and you will have days where you feel trapped in your own negative self, and whilst putting on a fake smile you’re just counting down the hours till finish and then you can get home, have a bubbly bath, candles and a glass of wine, the wine is definitely needed after a day of arsey people and they probably need a glass of wine to loosen up a bit. But I guarantee you after some relaxation the weight of negativity will be lifted off your shoulders.

Overall working will people is interesting and can be a challenge but like I say you can have the best days, just remember to take time out for yourself to recharge your batteries because that’s the only way you’ll keep the people happy.


Belanova x


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