A New Chapter


For the past few months now I’ve been talking about some exciting news, well the news is that Sam and I have brought our very first house, a beautiful end of terrace house next to a church with peace and quiet.

And today I am going to talk a little bit about the house, moving on and update on my life, it may get a lil deep so if that’s not your thing just click off this page.

When we first viewed the house I fell in love, I could vision us in this starter home, I have not stopped thinking about the house since we viewed it and put an offer on, I finally found one of the last pieces to my puzzle of happiness.

So yes,  this is what I have been keeping quiet for the past few months and I think you can understand why I’ve been struggling to not spill the beans.

The happiness and contentment that I’ve been searching for for a while now is finally within reach, I feel like something is going to go wrong because everything is going right but I think that’s just my mentality that’s haunting me from the beginning to mid of last year when I lost treasured friendship, my family and work just crumbled around me but that’s just the mark that life has left on me and I’ve had to slowly overcome and work on myself, but I have learnt so much from last year..

What’s been happening

Now I haven’t done an update about my life since March, I’ve been busy that’s the sole reason but now I’m settling down and becoming more organised, I’ll be paying this blog post and my creative side a lot more attention.

So let’s bullet point what’s been going on..

  • Full time | Finally I am back to full time, straight after Amsterdam actually haha, which was perfect timing because it was around this time we were thinking about buying the rented property we used to be in, and I needed full time work in order to buy a house.
  • Work | My job role which is a colour technician (hairdressing) is about to get busier as the Master Colour Expert is going on maternity leave in a few months so ya girl is going to be busier in the salon.
  • Furry friends |  Lily who is my family dog who’s a lovely but crazy Cocker has come to live with us for a while, having Lily has made me realize how much I miss having a dog around so when Lily goes back to my family, we will be getting our first dog together.
  • And lastly, I have become a Gardener, all thanks to Sam who brought me a starter Greenhouse for my birthday. Message me for the username to my Gardening Instagram.
  • Charity Shop | With everything that is going on sadly I have had to stop my volunteer work at the charity shop, I was just so tired because life’s getting busier, I will miss it but it just means a few more hours for the blog which I do miss also.


I think I’ve covered everything, I do have more planned but I’ll keep ya updated in regular monthly diary posts.

Sarah Belanova x

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