A little bit of Belanova’s history

The other week, I was around my Grandparents house and we got into deep conversation, which we always do, I am very lucky to still have both my Grandparents and I do appreciate that, I ask as many questions as I can so I can learn about history and our family as much as I can.

So we were talking about sentimental value and things that we keep, and I told them about my collection of vintage wedding invitations, fashion magazines etc, whenever I go to vintage / antique emporiums besides looking for cameras I’m also looking for bits to treasure like photographs. I know, I have very strange tastes but hey that’s what makes me, me.

Long story short because I feel like I’m rambling as per, Nan got up left the room for a few minutes and brought back this beautiful 1930s handbag (I threw it down when I learnt it was real animal skin though which I should of clicked in, it was all the rage back then) and Nan told me it was her Mother’s and I’m sat there like WOW.

But the amazement didn’t stop there, Nan told that when I was a baby she used to look after me because Mum had to go to work, and I always played with my Great Grandmas handbag, and the little milk bottle and hairbrush are still in the handbag, 23 years later.

Nan said I could look through the bag and it was so interesting because it’s still usable to this day, obviously wear and tear but this has lasted 2 generations well I suppose 3 because it was her handbag when she was alive.

The most interesting things for me are…

  • The Rationing Book, I have a fascination with War time Britain, my favourite subject in history at school.
  • The two lumps of coal she kept for good luck.
  • Her name, May Lembeth (married last name) and my birthday is May 9th, it’s a sheer coincidence but I find a lil spooky, and it’s made my final decision for if / when I have daughter in the future her name will be Florence May.
  • The newspaper article about my Nans brother Arthur, his 2 daughters who asked for the shed they were playing in to be locked by someone because of  children in the street annoying them and they managed to somehow start a fire from playing around, I think they survived it but died shortly after, tragic story really, Arthur didn’t have anymore children after them from the pain of losing the girls which you can understand, you never think these things will happen but they do.

Theres a photo of her May and her husband Joesph, and now I know where the family’s chubby cheeks come from, we have strong cheeks.

I’m a very sentimental person, obviously take after my Grandparents with that definitely not my Mum or her Brother, I asked Nan if I can have this when she passes on and she said that’s fine, she knows I’ll look after it.

So yeah, that’s a little piece of Great Grandmother that you’ve learned, I thought I would end this blog post with a picture of my Great Grandfather, Joseph from when he was in the war, there’s letters to May from him that were found quite recently I think, amd one day I would like to read them.

See you in the next Sunday blogpost,


Belanova x

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