6th December 2020 rambling

Wow, it’s been a really long time, I honestly lost all my drive to write and create aesthetically pleasing photos for this lil blog well for a long while but I’ve recently after years got my creative side back (0ther than photos and painting hair) and it’s made me feel alive again, for a good couple years I’ve been lost in all honesty, I’m not where I want to be in the terms of a ‘career’ I adore the creative side of my job but I’m yearning for more and well my own money because it’s very difficult saving for a Victorian house on minimum wage sadly, so I spent majority of lockdown using the time to figure out how to get that spark back, so I dabbled in sewing which I really do enjoy but I need to really understand my sewing machine and right now I just look at it and think ‘frustration’ simply because there is so so much I want to make but I’m just struggling with the machine but that’s on my ever growing to do list.

Now watercolour is something that has been tapping away in my bubble of thoughts for roughly a year, so I went to the Range during the first lockdown and picked up the travel sized pack and omgosh, I draw my little Darling and painted her and I can’t explain the happiness, I haven’t painted since high school but it came to me so naturally and I loved it so after my main big project is in full swing, I will turning all of my photography over the years into water colour paintings.

The one thing I’ve never really thought of was clay, now polymer clay jewellery has slowly started creepin’ on my Instagram feed for a while now, and I’m awe of the little dainty pretty earrings and homeware, so I gave it a try, and something unexpected has made me see a light at the end of a tunnel, it’s hard work but I love it, and I’m working to sell as a lil side hustle, I’m very nervous because I do lack confidence but it’s now or never, I can’t keep on feeling how I do…

Damnn, I really rambled on but I loved typing away and I’ve recently bagged a good deal on a 2019 iPad, I had like the second generation one before and it died longgg ago, but this is a lil gem, for Christmas I’ve asked for a Apple Pencil and I can’t wait to get into digital art and graphics.

Im just finally feelin’ like I’m finding the creative little girl that I used to, but I’m older can hopefully create something with the hundreds of ideas that are already bouncing around in my head.