June | 6 months into the year

6 months ago we were all out popping the party poppers and sipping some bubbly celebrating the start of a new year, thinking about what 2018 would bring us and also making goals.

And I made some goals for myself in this  blog post, and that post has ‘the resolutions that I never stick to’ at the top of the page but I think I’ve done pretty well this year haha!


If you follow my blog then you will know that I volunteer at a Cancer Research charity shop, I started it in January and I really enjoy it, the reason I started was to gain confidence and work on the till to improve my Math’s skills, I  can now proudly tick off both of those, I don’t work on the till anymore due to a change of days so I work on the stock and organisation now which means I can have first look and choice of the clothes that arrive hehe.

I’ve learned a lot since working in a charity shop, and I’m happy that I’ve done it because I’ve wanted to volunteer in one since I was in my teens, there’s so much more to Charity shops than people think but I’ll talk about that in the next few months.

Succeed in getting Math’s & English at GCSE Level

Yeah… can I skip this one haha! I was being way too hard on myself regarding this, I’m never going to be academic, I’m a very creative person, I’ve now stopped beating myself up for not doing well in High School and not going to Uni.

If I ever need English and Math’s then I deal with it when the time comes, but for now I’m just carrying on with my little d.i.y projects.

Buy Plants 

Ah, I have 1 cactus which I forget about half the time so I’m doing pretty crap when it comes to house plants, though saying that I did buy another yesterday and it’s sparked me to buy a few more over the next few months.

I’ve become a newbie Gardener though, I’m 22 going on 50 haha but to be fair I love everything from my Nan’s generation so it shouldn’t be a surprise to people.

I have really got into my gardening, it’s taking me back to my childhood in Oakamoor when my Mum used to grow fruit and vegetables and I’m really excited by it, Sam brought me a Greenhouse for my 22nd birthday because he knew that I wanted to start growing some fruit and veg, I have made a new instagram account for my Gardening journey just message me for the name. I feel like I am getting back to my old self again and that makes me happy.

My cooking skills

Eh, I’m getting there! I did start to show what I have been learning to cook this year on the blog but it became a little stressful as we are always busy, but I am always reading the food magazines that we have a work and I try to come up with affordable ideas, Sam and I do try to work together when it comes to cooking, well he does more than me haha! But he’s got the talent there where as I get more excited over the thought of baking jam tarts rather than a big home cooked meal, I got a sweet tooth aha.

Sarah Belanova 

I feel as though I am active enough on social media, I don’t want to start disliking blogging because I am glued to my phone checking if I’ve got more likes / followers, I wouldn’t want any of that going to my head and just becoming absorbed in the world of likes, I am happy at the stage I am and the pace I’m going I’d rather build up an audience of people who are genuinely interested in my life and actually enjoy reading the blog.


It’s been difficult for sure but I can finally say we are getting there, yes it helps massively me being full time now but I’m still a very savvy person when it comes to how I spend and save my money.


I think I’ve done pretty good on my goals for this year, we are half way through the year and I’m ticking off the boxes, I’m doing well and I also have some very exciting news coming soon but I’m going to leave it here and keep my smiling lips sealed just for now hehe.


Sarah Belanova x




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