6 Month Anniversary

6 month anniversary, roses, blogger

6 month anniversary, roses, blogger, love note

On the 14th of October it was mine and Sam’s 6 month anniversary and wow has the past 6 month’s flown by, I think the first 6 month’s were rough if I’m honest due to several different circumstances which is a whole different story all together but he is my forever and I cannot wait for the next 6 months completing our first chapter together.

Like I said due to different circumstances on my part that were out of my control how we have started off isn’t your average love story and it has been tricky, we currently don’t have much money but as cheesy as it sounds our love for each other is strong enough to get us through making plans for the future and us both knowing this situation is temporary. But in a few years when we’ve made memories from holidays together, have a nice car and a house we’ll look back on our shitty little fiat punto with the radio that only works if you keep it in place and the weird noises that the car makes and how we race to the reduced section at tesco at certain times laughing and so proud of what we can find and knowing that the food always taste better because it’s reduced stuff and how we snuggle up to keep the warmth in when we can only have the fire on for 20 minutes because damn bills cost a lot of money. It’s these shitty times in life that are hard at first but later on in life you’ll look back and smile at how far you’ve come.

In the next 6 month’s we will hopefully be in our own little place, renting still but we will starting saving for a house. But it’ll be nice to hopefully paint our own place and I’ll add quirky touches, have an oven that actually works so I can bake on my days off and my blog posts about it, I cannot wait.

We want to go to a lot more places as well like the Science Museum and many other places although we have ticked off a few already like the Black Country Museum and Chester Zoo, hopefully we’ll take a weekend away to Cornwall or somewhere once we are settled into our new place.

Overall, words can’t express how lucky and special I feel that I have found my soul mate I know that sounds cheesy but I’ve never felt this way before about anyone, I can see my future with Sam he’s my light and I love him.


Sarah x




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