Making a Tulle Skirt

Last Sunday was the Francesco Group Photographic awards, it’s an award show to recognise as individuals our hard work within the industry because hairdressing ain’t just about having a drink and a gossip it's a skilled job, the night is Continue Reading

My goals for the next 5 years

In 5 years I’ll be 28 which is scary to think because I know that it will go quick, I feel like my 20s are flashing before my eyes, sometimes I want to be like the movie Click with Adam Continue Reading

Things I’ve learned from my Grandparents

Following on from my blog post about my Great Nans handbag from back in the day, I thought I would talk to about what I’ve learned from them both over the time I’ve spent with them. My Grandparents are opposite people Continue Reading

My yearly goals – 6 months on

Is that time of year again when the clients in the salon say ‘Oh Sarah I can’t believe how fast the year goes, 6 months in already’ And it always makes me giggle, it’s the same small talk every year Continue Reading

A little bit of Belanova’s history

The other week, I was around my Grandparents house and we got into deep conversation, which we always do, I am very lucky to still have both my Grandparents and I do appreciate that, I ask as many questions as Continue Reading

Being a people’s person

  Today I want to talk about my job, well a huge part of my job which involves being a people's person, making people feel good about themselves and return feeling as though you've done your job right. Before entering Continue Reading


For my 23rd birthday this year, I explored the beautiful and historic city of York, everyone told me how beautiful York is and they weren't wrong, I was genuinely overwhelmed by the beauty and kindness by everyone, it was a Continue Reading

11 random facts about me

I wanted to do a mid week blog post, the day is not yet over so I have few hours left to post this.   I enjoy watching 'facts about me' and q & a videos on youtube, I think Continue Reading

Renting vs Buying

As most of you know, we brought our first home last year after renting for roughly a year or so, and I wanted to give you some advice weather you're planning on renting or buying, we have only just got Continue Reading